Sun 14/05-2017 Day 51

Pos: 54.3193,-130.3185 Loc: Prince Rupert Acc: Sheila + Greg’s house no paddling today
John had already taken my kayak on my arrival day to his workshop, where it had been drying out. This morning, he picked me to drive to the shop to do the necessary reinforcement of the last hull piece. He had already organized all material, and thankfully had gained his skills by working for Curent Design kayaks for a while. It looked also like he knew what he had to do! Despite I may be kind of able to do this job myself, I am rather thankful about a kind male hand to take over the dusty and sticky job…thanks, John! It all looked good at the end, I also once more cleaned my rudder, and now, finally, eventually, my kayak should be all set to survive some dragging over rocks again…although, this leg, I have Mike to help carrying our kayaks up the beaches! Both guys took a very interested look at my kayak in general, high time this great design is getting into (a reasonable quality) serial production again for any other ambitious expedition kayaker to purchase!
The afternoon, I spend on downloading satellite images for the next leg. While it was extremely convenient to have had that long list of additional camp way points provided by John Kimantas maps and books and the BCMTNA, this list unfortunately only reaches out as far as the Canadian boarder. Now, it is again “back to the basic research of way points via Google maps, satellite images, charts and mostly – experience…! In this maze of islands with so many miles of coast line, it takes a while! And unfortunately, the vast majority of sandy beaches are further south…but in exchange, a bunch of small, mostly indigenous villages are located on many of the islands. We’ll see what kind of campsites we’ll find! It has now to fit once more two tents though…
Time for dinner! John took Mike and me to the Eagle Bluff restaurant in Cow Bay Road, an excellent eating place! Thanks very much, John! We had once more a really great time chatting and getting to know each other better.