Sun 16/04-2017 Day 23

Pos: here Loc: across Blue Cod Islet Acc: tent Dist: 30,8 km Start: 07:45 End: 16:30
It was a very chilly night, but the open sky was promising for today. At some point on the water, I was asking Justine when Easter would be this year? She also had no idea…but we later learned it was actually today! Who cares… 🙂
Lawn Point was lurking with a wide grassy area for a lunch stop, and we guessed there was a dark spot not belonging there n the beach? Well, this time it was just a huge rock…but we also found our first clear bear traces. It was lowest tide, and after a delightful lunch with more deer jerky we opted for a walk across the grassy ridge. What a beautiful area! I could spend a day there to explore to bays and rocks at low tide.
Justine knew about a cabin not far away at Rowley reefs peninsula south, where she has been stopping on her trips before. It was really pretty located on a sandy sunny beach, but as we got closer, we saw it was already occupied…bad luck! A brief chat with the three hikers showed they were not really up to move out today, so first come – first serve on these kind of locations. They told us about another cabin just on the other north side, which was quite cute, too, but it was in th shade, and rather looked like a spot for logging workers with a huge beer can dump. The roof was leaking, and the whole thing was just second grade after the beautiful sunny one!
We felt like rather doing something completely different, and checked out Blue Cod Islet. Not too bad, but also in the shade of the sun to be expected back at some point! I spotted a bear across the narrow bay, on a rugged sunny beach, and we paddled over to explore the area. Justine tried my kayak! I was barely able to squeeze my body and longer legs into the narrow cockpit of her Nordkap…The bear was gone, but there were clear signs he has been digging in the sea weed.
We decided to stay here anyway, as it was a sunny beach, had a nice clean spot on top of the high tide mark, and we were not scared about the bear coming back with us two noisy giggling girls. It was a perfect sunny relaxing afternoon, and what was not dry yet became fully dry now. Wonderful!