Sun 16/07-2017 Day 114

Pos: 60.0688, -149.4356
Loc: Seward
Acc: George and Tula’s house
rest day

This morning, Josh took me back to George Walker’s work shed to do the final layer of repair on my kayak. we hung out a while at his house and at Miller’s landing and chatted with some friends. Josh made me some lunch in his cabin, and finally Eyal Saiet arrived in Seward, driving from Fairbanks. He will be my paddling partner for the next two weeks or a bit more!

We went food shopping together to Safeway’s, and I was always guessing I am shopping too much food…we will fit it all into Eyal’s Explorer and my tanker! Looks like Eyal is also happy to consider the dinner job while I am typing my updates. Excellent work sharing! We were busy packing the food the late afternoon hours, before we headed out for a dinner at the beach. Sarah, Josh’s sister was happy to cook on open fire lamb chops and some steaks for Eyal, Josh, her son Sam, two friends and myself. Thanks a lot for the delicious beach dinner, Sarah!

Eyal and I stayed up for a while to finish the packing and online jobs, but we will not leave that early tomorrow to paddle until Porcupine Bay. I think Eyal will be another great teammate!