Sun 20/08-2017 Day 144

Pos: 46.7376, -124.0795
Loc: Cape Shoalwater
Acc: Terry and Bruce’s house
Dist: 25,3 km
Start: 6:10 End: 10:20

My researches yesterday on weather, currents and tides confirmed my guess I may be stuck here for a few days. I need flooding current to get into the Columbia River in the late afternoon, after I have covered 50 km or more, depending if I cross the day before to the other side of Willapa Bay. That was also the reason I did *not* cross over on Saturday, but stayed in a place with road access.

My plan now after a bit of more weather checking and calculating the tides and currents is to cross Willapa Bay (about 15 km in a curve inside the bay, behind the sandbanks) on Tuesday conveniently on the flood tide until 14.30 h. On Wednesday, with easy winds and low swell and late enough slack flood tide, I can cover the 50-55 km to enter the Columbia River on flooding and still cross with the flood tide to land inside the river on the Clatsop Spit.

I got a pickup this morning from Terry and Bruce Turner from Warrenton, who promised to look after me here in this area. They also committed to pick me a week later from somewhere south, and to drive me to Seattle from where I will be flying out on Wednesday 30th. So much appreciated, thanks! They drove me on the way back to the southern side of North Head Lighthouse, where it may be a tiny hook with surf protection, and we also had a look at the southern side of the south jetty of the Columbia River. But both spots had uninviting big massive surf rolling in, and no shelter at all. So, I will have to paddle right over the river bar into the Columbia River mouth to land here in this area. This will do!

Terry cooked a wonderful shrimp and fish dinner, and we finished with some ice cream. Just what the doctor ordered for now! Thanks for looking after me!