Sun 25/11-2018 Day 320

Pos: 29.1132,-114.6769
Loc: Bahia Sebastian Vizcaino
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 25,0 km
Start: 07:05 End: 11:45

We were so ready to go again after three lazy rest days on a beach! Karel’s forecast was still 1,50 m seas, but low winds in the morning with 3-8 knots nw, gusts up to 14 knots, in the afternoon moderately stronger with 11-13 knots, gusts 17. The surf and sea looked all right for us, we happily launched through low to moderate surf.

Lisa seemed to be a bit surprised about the real conditions behind the surf, and kept on paddling out so far I had to call her back when I was also out. It is not getting calmer there…Today it was the first time she was out on seas which were…yes, what were they? Rough? Lumpy? Swelly? At least not dead calm with gentle swell as we had most other days. The swell was still a bit up after the very rough day yesterday and was feeling more than 1,50 m, and it was kind of a confused lumpy up and down. Additionally, the low rising sun in our face made things much more tricky and advanced to feel comfortable.
But the worst case would be seas sickness for us, as it was hard to keep a fix with the sun. Nothing was breaking, it just felt for Lisa new and different – and even for me after so many days of dead calm seas… She kept up very well, kept balance and just kept on paddling. It is like riding a bike in these conditions, keep on going, and it is less likely to fall in 🙂

We tried to either focus the horizon offshore, or after a while when the sun was higher, the coast. But sometimes, it felt more comfortable NOT to look at the coast with some intimidating crashing breakers…I was asking Lisa if she likes to return or to go in one of the three next good landing corners, but she was fine and liked to keep on paddling. Good job! But she admitted she was happy that I was there…

As long as we paddled more east than south, the sea went down slightly, and we could relax a bit more. But soon, we had to paddle almost due south before we could turn around a distinct headland with even more lumpy seas and large swells. We both kept on pushing, but we were both looking forward to paddle around the headland into calmer seas and now even due east to north east to reach a very sheltered calm landing bay.

We decided to call it a day already here, we had enough of lumpy seas and large swells, it was Lisa’s first day in such conditions! Plus the sun in the face…not easy. We might have safely paddled on for maybe 8 km to some hook before the coast would have trended due south again – and exposed to wind and swell. We landed easy in low surf on a flat sandy beach on half tide.

This bay had some old fishing shacks, all abandoned, including maybe eight fishing boats, one of it half burned. It is such a pity that all the stuff is just left here to rot and no one values the location any more. One shack had even some fish tanks with a fancy water hose to the sea to pump sea water up and down to keep the fish fresh, including satellite dish. About four old vans stranded here also, used as accommodation for a while, now all rotten and abandoned, like the rest out of function since many years.

Only two small houses looked like they were in shape at least for some seasonal use, with some lovingly made stone back yard. Nice to look at! The rest of the old shacks they should simply burn down…