Sun 27/08-2017 Day 151

Pos: 45.2173, -123.9750
Loc: Pacific City -Cape Kiwanda
Acc: Terry and Bruce’s house
Dist: 45,4 km
Start: 6:10 End: 14:15

It was not as clear this morning than the last two days – good, as it will not be that bright sunny, bad, as it was a slight bit foggy going out of the river. I armed myself with PFD and helmet, but a security call on the VHF radio would have been nice – if my radio would not have called quits the last days…and I needed to go out NOW! I paddled to the exit with not a single boat one around, but as it comes, about 100 m before, a large fishing boat made its way in coming out of the thicker fog of the open sea. I could turn to the right side enough to be out of his path.

And just a few seconds later, right when I was just at the exit jetty heads and hit the lumpy ebbing waters, three large fishing charters squeezed their way out from behind. Two right, one left. I heard them approaching, waved my paddle high to get attention, and was suddenly surrounded by large boats. Cannot say I liked this…one was side broaching on halfway stopping behind me and shouted whatever, cussing. Sorry…but when I am sitting on an 8-9 km/h ebb current, *I* cannot stop…and I am very sure the three fishing charters each loaded with a dozen men were racing their way out over the bar. Good morning! Eyes wide shut? Or did they think I feared the lumpy water out there and needed a rescue??

I had to paddle more straight into this lumpy ebbing water than I would have done with no boats around me, but it was not too bad. As soon as they were gone, I could turn in left and slowly but surely got into calm water and felt free. The swell was noticeable, and along the first rocky headland, it was bouncing back quite lumpy. Still all easy going. A beautiful huge arch between two massive offshore rocky islands invite me to paddle through, but the sea was too rough.

Cape Lookout was a massive piece of high wall, with a huge wide-open cave on the headland spit. Nothing worth to go in, but around the corner in the lee I found a high narrow cave which was easy to paddle very deep inside with daylight. Wonderful! I would have loved to go in further, but just yesterday I had checked my waterproof caving lamp and left it in my back pack…stupid! Another smaller lower less deep cave was still worth a look. The view up the stunning cliff wall made me feel so small, and I renamed the Cape “Cape Lookup” …

On the crossing to Cape Kiwanda, the swell felt quite calm. At least, as long the wind stayed down…when it breezed up around 12.30 pm, it became rougher. Still the surf on the open beach did not look that bad…a shitload of motored vehicles was noisily driving up and down the beach and the dunes like on a motor drome. Sunday afternoon play…other games were beginner’s paragliding down the massive sand dune of Cape Kiwanda. Their tries looked quite funny!

I turned around the sandstone Cape to find what my local friend Bob Kelim warned me from: „It’s quite a busy beach!” Hundreds of Sunday holiday makers lined up their cars on the beach in rows of eight, and dozens of people enjoyed themselves to climb the high dune form this end. The surf shelter was amazingly perfect to land easy.

I was just done unloading and Terry and Bruce were already there, when one of those famous local dories was approaching in high speed from offshore, honking a horn like hell. Was he not supposed to come closer much slower? Well, obviously not really…their landing style is simply to run up the very shallow beach as high as possible. Looks quite cool, and was unexpected for me. Hopefully not for the people on the beach who obviously had to move away from the approaching boat in the shallow water and on land…but this seemed to be the attraction here! Thank goodness no one felt *I* was an attraction…and I could load and change with just one elderly lady asking me “if it would be quiet out there?” Well, not always…

Thanks so much to Terry and Bruce to take their time to pick me up on my last paddling day! On the way back, I was keen to find some ice cream store…we went to something you could best describe as “Disneyland Dairy Farm” – Tillamook. I had a huge cup with five flavors, but the quality was not my favorite, it was simply too heavy. But people seemed to like it! This large place was packed on a sunny Sunday afternoon. I enjoyed the spice shrimp and rock fish with asparagus Terry and Bruce served for dinner. Thank you so much to look after me so well!