Thu 01/11-2018 Day 296

Pos: 33.4619,-117.6828″
Loc: Dana Point
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 28,0 km
Start: 09:20 End: 15:20

Morris was so nice to drive us back early morning to the beach, all went smooth Thanks again to host us in your house and to take me around! Very much fun!
One more of those dead calm days, but today a bit more scenic with some rocky points, some arches and a few rocks to hop around. but once more, in between the interesting sections I had a hard time to keep paddling and to stay awake on dead calm water. We chatted nicely about this or that, and were wondering where we would end up this evening?

Dana Point was the place to go, but inside the harbor, it would have be the usual tricky hide-and-seak with the authorities. There was a campsite close to a drainage area. The drainage area would be ideal wild beach, but within view of the lifeguards and sheriffs. So we had to hook up somehow into the campsite, without paying 60 $ per site…

We were lucky this time, the first lady in the first corner was single with her car and tent, and had some space for ours to spare. Thanks to let us stay at your site! She even barbecued us some sausages. Nice!

I took my time to edit all my pictures this evening, but fell asleep before I could write the update. My body wants rest as soon as the sun sets at 7 pm, basically too early, but it is like it is. The sunset was very colorful, great spectacle!

Some video interview with Canoe & Kayak Magazine tomorrow early morning. Will be good!