Thu 07/03-2019 Day 344

Pos: 26.7150,-113.5695
Loc: Punta Abreojos
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 54,5 km
Start: 7:05 End: 16:35

Fylkir writing tonight:
After a wonderful nights sleep, we got up quite early and were ready to paddle just before 7 o´clock. The weather was fine and our first waypoint was 32 km away. We had to cross a bay to reach it. With rather calm seas, the music was ON for a few hours which always improves the speed in our paddling. On our way, we saw the largest number of dolphins hunting in a big group, always impressive to see these friends at sea. This day also became the record day of seeing sea turtles, one we got rather close to see though the are very shy. Sleeping sea lions and seals were also to see on our way.
We had a good and safe landing in Punta Abreojos. After setting camp, I went to town to find more water. One of the reasons for landing here was, that there should be an ATM in town! The village is rather small, and our previous investigations had given us a quite good picture of where things were placed. The ATM was easy to find, but it was in a “not able to provide service at this point” mode (it probably ran out of cash…) so that visit did not take much time. Finding a water filter machine also went well and I carried 30 liters to our tent.
Freya feels a bit sick this evening with the same sore throat I had already since a few days, she also got quite chilly on this paddle. Some hot drinks hopefully help.

Jen Kleck was so nice to organize or spare paddles (which got lost on the plane) to be sent to the next whale watching camp, where Lorna Hill is taking care about them and we will pick them up tomorrow or later if weather and health tell us. See how it goes tonight!