Thu 08/11-2018 Day 303

Pos: 32.0549,-116.8828″
Loc: Puerto Salina
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 33,7 km
Start: 06:30 End: 13:15

What a relaxing night, early, calm, peaceful…besides one dog barking noisily at night. This morning, ten curious stray dogs were chasing each other on the beach, but as stray dogs mostly are, they are also easy to chase away. Not that they decide to gang up for an attack on our food…
We took a yearning look to the dead calm corner at the village where they launched already a bunch of fishing boats this morning, but the surf was really not too bad, and we got out easy.

We had an entertaining coastline all day, not much to suffer, and kept on commenting on the differences to the old and new country we paddle in. We saw the first surfers today! Once three, then two, then five…that was it. Nothing comared to the US – so far. Four guys snorkeling for seafood, a bunch of small 3-men fishing boats checking their many crab pots. The crab pot floats in the US had mostly three whole oval floats to mark a pot, here in Mexico, a quarter or half float does the job for one pot. Probably, the eyes of the Mexican fishermen are better…

We saw many pretty houses, not overloaded and swanky like in southern California, but friendly and for me nicely Mediterranean looking. All pleasant for the eyes! Also a few construction ruins of high rise building, started but never finished, a bunch of houses closed down after built too close to the instable cliffs, and a few creative shacks of poorer people.

The surf looked dable everywhere, though probably two or three lines. Lisa was keen to land on the oen beach, I prefer to avoid surf wherever I can and told her there is a lovely small beach inside the harbor walls – which proved correct, and Lisa was happy to have a calm landing. I am still feeling a bit paranoisd from being chased away mostly anywhere in the US, and need to get used to be able and allowed to camp mostly anywhere – like here! How relaxing to arrive at a decent time, put up camp early, and to have time to go for a swim, doing finger- and toenails, editing pictures, going for a walk…just feeling at home on a beach! Funny I could just walk across the harbor entrance to the other side on almost low tide and crystal clear water with a sandy bottom…no harbor for big ships here!