Thu 09/08-2018 Day 267

Pos: 56.5160,-159.8679
Loc: somewhere close to a river
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 24,7 km
Start: 09:45 End: 18:15 4hrs break

Tony stayed with his boat all night just across our camp, good to know he was already there. We were packed and ready to go by 8 am, when we saw him already in his small red inflatable dinghi rowing the mere kilometer across to our beach. Seas were calm, wind low, so ideal conditions. The shore dumper was negotiable.

I caught Tony’s bow of his red floating rubber device, he timed it well through the moderate dumper. He was clad in a red diving dry suit, dark sunglasses and a black pirate scarf on his bold head to rescue the “Damsels in Distress”…a pity I didn’t have to get “rescued”… 🙂 Thanks so much for your help, Tony! We are so grateful to eventually be able to get away from here!

We loaded Natalie’s gear on the rubber dinghi, while I had my kayak loaded with my regular gear to continue solo. I launched my heavy kayak through the dumper with some nice pushing help from Natalie and Tony. He swam a short bit out with my two floating wreck pieces so I could take them on the tow. Both Natalie and Tony then pushed the heavy loaded dinghi through the dumper, and while Natalie had some slight difficulties to climb in, grab the small oars and to push off the shore dumper, Tony acted in the water with fins as the “stern out-boarder”. No space for both of them in there…

Natalie had to rearrange some gear bags to be able to row somehow efficiently, while getting drifted with the current towards the anchoring “Nancy Gayle”, with “pirate” crew member AC waiting on deck for us. I couldn’t help but laugh about this floating combo…me in my spare kayak with my two wreck pieces in tow, Natalie as the pirate bride with waving blonde hair, rowing a bit distressed a with “prey” heavy loaded small inflatable red rubber boat with kind of toy oars out to the pirate ship, the pirate captain in the water pushing his bride and prey to safety. Just a black and white “Jolly Rodger” pirate flag with crossed bones and AC’s single eye cover was missing…LOL!!!

AC and Tony salvaged first the contents of the dingi, then both Natalie and Tony finally entered the ship on some high swell in a slight bit inelegant style, rolling over board to AC’s feet and helpful hands. They hauled up the dinghi and strapped it to the top of a structure on the aft deck. Everything and everyone was safe on board! Now it was me to near the other side of the boat, and Tony and AC were lifting my two wreck pieces up the high board. I released Natalie’s tow belt, and that was my cut to to my rescue team! Thanks so much to Tony and AC to pick Natalie up!

I was by myself again. I just felt one issue…I must ave pulled one side of my lower back muscles on my pounding in the surf on m crash landing…paddling on my left side is painful if I like to rotate and use my left leg…especially on acceleration out from zero…when I am movin, it’s ok, but I can’t say I can pull off speed records today…

But just kind of those were required today, as NE headwinds breezed soon up to 12 and then 15 knots with the change of the tide to ebbing, and I felt soon that ebb tide, headwind and pulled muscles were not a good match with my speed going under 4 km/h. not worth the effort. I stopped in low surf, and decided to have a 4-hrs break around the peak ebb current. I’d be better not wasting my energy, and would best paddle in the evening flood current. Can’t say I fancy two sections of paddling per day…but I urgently wanted to make some progress! I put on my wind breaker overcag to stay warm, and went for a walk in search of glass balls. I was landing at a tiny air stripe, marked by a diagonal in the ground stuck big pole with a long rope and buoy on the lower end. Two red buoys mark the start end end of the air strip. Obviously a combined emergency landing site and flying off stripe for fishermen in distress…

I found my first glass ball just besides the long rope, and three more not far away from the spot. I thought I’s soon need a glass ball tender to dump my “catch”, my backpack won’t be enough like last time with Michal beach combing, but that was it…sometimes strange. I had some fun forming some beach art out of the long rope, I am wondering if the next fish and game plane will recognize the change…today I had three times a low flying red-and-white plane, obviously those guys checking on the fishing boats.

I sat down on my kayak and munched in some super-yummy smoked salmon stripes, beef jerky and Mango crackers…thanks, Tony! I won’t starve with this much being looked after! But my energy and motivation level was a bit low due to my back pain, headwind, counter current and the feeling of paddling solo now again despite the plan was a different one…ok, at 5 pm, I was back in my kayak! No bear helped me with my salmon and beef jerky, I only saw one early while still paddling.

But the next hour didn’t feel much better and only slight it faster with speed around 4 km/h…is this fucking wind not calming down soon? And where is the current helping me? I felt I rather ran out of energy and decided to land. 25 mere kilometer today… I expected a slight it more, but I better go with the flow…at least I four new glass balls…kind of a currency to pay helpful fishermen…???

I landed and camped close to some estuary river, hmmmm, deepest darkest bear territory…but what’s it worth…it was rather later deepest darkest no-seeum territory when I opened the tent for a look outside in darkness! Bugger… no bug spray with me yet, have not needed it nowhere yet…so my odor- and color free wound disinfectant spray had to do a halfway reasonable job…good night…itch, itch, itch…