Thu 10/08-2017 Day 134

Pos: 48.2707, -124.3107
Loc: behind Sekiu Point
Acc: tent
Dist: 28,0 km
Start: 6:10 End: 13:00

Despite I really had enough sleep and rest last night, I planned to not get up in darkness and not to launch on first light, hoping for already a bit of less fog. But out came only 1/2-hour delay, and a launch into thick fog as all the last days. It makes you depressive to not see anything of the landscape, thinking I am paddling only at night or in the endless arctic winter. It is just fog, but I never had so much of it. It feels a bit like wasted energy, covering only distance without being able to enjoy much of the scenery. Just guessing what may be there on the shore, railing along the beach edge, not even seeing the top of the shore trees.

Today, I only had a sunny hole in the sky when I dumped my trash bag and refilled water at a smelly fish cleaning table in the marina of Sekiu, Clallam Bay. It really seems to me that over small settlements like here with hundreds of big motor homes, cabins and small boats, the fog is melted away by the hot odor of the people and vehicles. It has been the same over Port Angeles, thank goodness.

Behind Sekiu, I decided to hit the first suitable small people-inaccessible beach within the next 4 km of coastline. Thereafter, the highway would be closely following the coast, and I would be dreading the air brakes of the noisy rattling log trucks. I also needed to just cut the rest of the distance to Neah Bay in half, to meet up with Chris Friday evening. So, I paddled only another 28 km today, and even less tomorrow.

But I am looking very much forward to have some company again, as especially in these easy and foggy conditions, a bit of chatting with a paddling partner while covering distance would be nice! But I am hoping, once hitting Cape Flattery, the coast will be a bit more changing and challenging – and a bit less foggy…I should have started both half loops right there!