Thu 11/05-2017 Day 48

Pos: here Loc: Useless Point Acc: tent Dist: 35,0 km Start: 07:00 End: 16:15
Paddling was rather unexciting today, dead calm water again, light wind from the back, mostly dry, it could be worse! At some point I heard a loud engine – a plane, a motor vessel? The roaring sound was rather like a huge ship, but here, in the maze of small islands? Suddenly, a white massive wall slowly appeared behind a small island – but the ferry to the Queen Charlotte Islands was more distant than I thought. another, smaller motor boat was heading up to me, what a traffic out here! I rarely saw the odd single ship rather in the distance the other days, and now, one day close to Prince Rupert, I’m on a highway! The small motorboat disappeared behind another little island, and when I came up closer, I saw it was tied up to a larger mother ship, the “MV Surfbird”. I came even closer, and a beautiful black Labrador dog was barking noisily on me approaching silently.
I called out a “Hello!”, and a few seconds later, Doug Stewart, the owner, appeared from the engine room for a chat. His wife Carol was just out for a holiday, but they both usually live all year with their dog on the ship, anchoring wherever needed, working with some marine stuff I didn’t fully get. What a life! After a few minutes, another similar size ship, the “MV Hawk Bay” came into the bay. The owner Stan and Karen Hansen, with now for the change a brown Labrador dog, came alongside for an even nicer chat when I was asked on board by Doug. A lovely way to speed some afternoon hours! I would not paddle to Prince Rupert today anyway, my paddling has mostly been done for today besides two kilometers to the last sandy beach before the channel crossing. I got a cup of tea and home made brownies served, thanks a lot! The two Labrador dogs got also crazy “talking” to each other from ship to ship!
I was heading around the corner for my night beach, just had the tent up and settled down with my laptop for writing my update, when I heard Doug’s skiff nearing my beach. Were the guys coming over for an evening dog walk? No, they liked to pick me back up for dinner! Thanks! I accepted happily, not having cooked yet myself. The keep dry feet on entering the skiff, Doug was maneuvering close to the now bare rocks on quite low tide. An easy natural jetty! Karen had meanwhile cooked a yummy dinner with many fresh veggies, just what I missed most! Thanks for that! Some more nice chats about marine life and bear stories, and I got away with a doggie bag of fresh veggies and a second cab of bear spray. Both, Doug and Stan have tried them themselves on some bear encounters – they work…Now I have the choice between two similar shaped red and black cans of bear spray, and can operate them double handed like Django pulling out two colts. But maybe it would be appropriate to politely ask the bear before spraying if he rather likes a taste of Black or Red Chayenne pepper?