Thu 12/04-2018 Day 186

Pos: 36.9674,-122.002
Loc: Santa Cruz
Acc: “Kayak Connection” shop

no paddling today

At 9 am, I guessed it was high time to go up to the shipyard office and talk to the guys…thanks a lot for letting me stay for free that night on your dock! For the next night, I preferred to walk again up to the “Kayak Connection” shop to see if they are open now…and guess who was just opening the shop door – my signed-up-and-unsigned-again paddling partner David Santaniello! I eventually knew this morning after a proper online-research he would be working as a manager there, and here we are! Yesterday it wasn’t him though to shut the doors prematurely…

Davids was happy to borrow me a kayak cart and to get down to the docks with me to pack and haul everything up. He offered me to stay in the shop, as he has only one room himself. Perfect! Thanks, David!

I used my day off for office work, a never endless story, and at the end this here is my “Job No.3” …I had no plans and no intention to play tourist on the “Boardwalk” or such…too many things needed to be hooked off the list.

I invited David for dinner at the fancy “Crow’s Nest”, and he was also so friendly to quickly drive me to a “Safeway” for some fresh fruit and white chocolate…most jobs done for today!