Thu 13/04-2017 Day 20

Pos: 49.8558, -127.1204
Loc: Yellow Bluff
Acc: tent
Dist: 41 km
Start: 07:20 End: 14:45

A rainy night, packing in the rain, and launching into the millpond like water of the sound. We paddled up with the current to the junction leading west, and were admiring the high mountains raising besides us into the low hanging clouds. Sometimes, we could see some freshly snowcapped peaks, sometimes we thought we could hit the clouds with our paddles. Paddling was easy, and our spirits high from the beauty of the nature everywhere, despite or also with rain. Eagles were everywhere, and sea otters were sticking their heads out of the glassy surface. A few logging camps and work boats cruised around, and our fishermen friends from yesterday were briefly stopping by on their way out.
We just had some snacks on the water, when they came back again and asked if we would like some fish? Sure – was Justine’s answer, as honestly, I am happy to eat fish, but I am not that eager to kill, gut and filet them…thanks very much to Daniel and his friend to pass on a plastic bag with four well-sized, freshly caught sables! Plus, another two cans of beer for Justine…Daniel also proudly showed off a huge halibut of a meter in diameter, a great catch!
We had to cross the last bay to our campsite in quite windy and choppy conditions, but could land easily in the very western sheltered corner between some reefs. We picked our campsite on the sand, spotting again a wolf trail. It was now raining again, and I was rigging the tarp between some low hanging branches as a cook site, while Justine was cutting and filleting the fish in the opposite to our tents corner of the beach. I was watching her for a while, for just in case I may need to do the bloody job one day…killing was not necessary any more, the poor creatures already suffocated inside their plastic bag. Daniel has said, we should not bother with the tiny bones, one can just eat them!
I was boiling some rice with onions, and on the second stove Justine fried the fish in a pan. Mixed all together with some good spices and salt, it gave a healthy delicious meal for the two of us! If I would not be still so cold, despite dry clothes and all layers on I had…as much a s I enjoyed seeing and do the outdoor cooking process in the cold, rainy afternoon, as much I rather needed to be inside my warm bag, to lay flat and to relax instead of still be sitting cramped on a log under a tarp in the rain with cold feet and ass. I’m just spoiled by cooking inside my tent from the warm bag all the time!
One we had washed and cleared up the cooking spot, I retracted inside my tent, squeezed my bare frozen feet under my bare cold thighs, then the toes inside the backside of my knees for a while, put woolen socks on and slid into my dry fleece bag inside a damp sleeping bag to read for a while, laying on my back.
Justine meanwhile rather walked herself warm on the other long beach, and had a scary live wolf encounter…she stood her ground and slowly backed up until the beast rushed away. Better take my pepper spray along next time, girl…?