Thu 13/07-2017 Day 111

Pos: 60.0688, -149.4356
Loc: Seward
Acc: George and Tula’s house
Dist: 38,7 km
Start: 6:20 End: 17:00

It was “home run” for Josh today, paddling into Seward tonight. The paddle around the southern tip of the Resurrection Peninsula was once more packed with caves, arches, rock pillars and stunning high cliff formations. I paddled through two big arches, one of them twice. This gives triple luck! Twice we saw mountain goat nannies with kids, again sea lion colonies, seals, otters and a wale in the last bay just showing his fluke. It was a never-ending nature show in bright sunshine and warm air! I learned to teach a star fish to re-erect his soft down-hanging fifth middle arm – he was reacting promptly, and it was working perfect, hehehe…

We took our time to cool off once more with a swim on Fox Island spit, later I opted to jump into the water with my dry suit to cool off, and to practice reentry after swimming. Josh did the same. A short section of playing rafted up with Josh’s tarp as a sail and a towing practice of lazy Freya in her kayak for Josh completed the great paddling day. And yes, I am paddling into a dead end! So, nothing about “hitching a free ride…”

With us, a huge flotilla of fishing and tour boats of all kinds went back to Seward, this is a city with high touristic traffic in July! Quite different to Yakutat and even Cordova with no road access.

It was the first time I arrived into a city with a co-paddler, and we were landing at the beach of George Walker’s house at Lowell Point who is so friendly to let Josh use his work shed to reinforce once more the bottom of my kayak. Thanks, George!

George Peck and his wife Tula are hosting me in town with a room, shower, laundry and internet. Thanks to both!

Thanks to my co-paddler from Cordova to Seward, Josh Thomas! He was one of a perfect paddling buddy, always great spirit, friendly, helpful, polite, a secure paddler in most conditions and – on top of it – he is a great photo- and videographer! I am so much looking forward to seeing his pictures!