Thu 15/06-2017 Day 83

Pos: 58.9646, -138.0871
Loc: open beach
Acc: tent
Dist: 45,3 km
Start: 03:35 End: 13:20

Today I started *really* early to have low to no winds as long as possible. The North Westerly headwinds in the afternoon sound so low around 10 knots in the forecast, but feel so much stronger – and are around 15 knots. I made satisfactory progress on calm seas and rounded the huge and big boulders and rocks of the wide bent of Cape Fairweather in even sunny weather. A giant whale was playing besides me, sea lions and seals, two porpoises and many eagles and sea gulls joined in. All was good speed, until the tide turned, the sun came out even more and the wind went up. If I would have dared to land, I would have done it about two hours earlier.

The surf is mostly a single dumper on mid to high tide, but on low tide, it develops a second line of breakers, and the bottom of the steep dark sandy beach has quite rough gravel. So better hang in there for mid tide…when I spotted a smaller river, I guessed the beach may not be so steep around the river mouth? I could not paddle into it, but dared to land through a moderate dumper which worked well with good timing. I sat on shallow sand, and had time enough to jump out before the next one would suck me back and wash me up uncontrolled. All good! And I had fresh water just on the door step, which I could well use.

I put up my tent quite in the middle of the wide beach, when a very low flying light plane crossed over my head. The pilot was shaking with the wings as a sign he has seen me! And another plane, this time a bit higher, was doing the same! But they did not come back later. In Lituya Bay, Mike and I were waved at by another plane, which looked the same as the first one today. I am quite sure the bush drum knows already that I am on the way to Yakutat?

The usual beach patrol track of a single bear was almost blown away by the wind, but I am feeling quite safe here with free view to all sides. It may take me another four days to get to Yakutat, if the weather allows. Tomorrow will be an easy landing into Dry Bay – hopefully! the chart does not mark any current information like on Lituya Bay.