Thu 18/05-2017 Day 55

Pos: 54.8669, -131.2680
Loc: Kelp Island
Acc: tent
Dist: 39,8 km
Start: 07:00 End: 14:10 (Canadian Time)

It was a perfect forecast for crossing 40 km over to Kelp Island! Southern winds 5-15 knots, seas 1 m. Mike was feeling fine with this plan, and I felt confident he would have no problem either. Out of our islands, a school of small dolphins were pleasing our eye for a while. The destination was well visible, though hiding temporary in clouds.
Sure as it goes on bigger crossings, the middle section proves to be the toughest with stronger wind and waves, but nothing to worry about – at least not for me. Mike felt a bit more apprehensive about how much further wind and waves might develop, but I calmed him this would be the “worst” section, it could only get better from now! He was riding safely those wind waves from left behind, with the occasional soft break on top. Still, he wished me to be paddling faster and getting across together quicker! I was paddling my steady moderate pace, just like a locomotive, not in any way worried about the two of us.
Already in calmer water and wind again getting closer to kelp Island, a whale was spouting not too far in front of us about 6 times, before he was diving down with displaying is tail. Nice!
About 2 km before Kelp Island, our so far nice following current turned around, and we felt it would be better to turn to the right of a small reef upfront Kelp Island. Only one more kilometer against strong current until we could turn into our destination bay for tonight! This was a shallow sandy beach, but black and not too attractive looking. Well, the times of the pretty white beaches might be over for now, one cannot be too fussy anymore! All good. It was still not spring tide, or we better would not have put up right on the top of the sand. There was one nice tent site also on top of a green meadow, which amazingly was neither wet, nor having rocks like those inlet meadows usually all are. But at the beach was right fine now. We just had to do a long carry up the very shallow inlet beach, as we were landing early for the day- But 40 km on open crossing were enough for now!
The sun came out, and we spent the afternoon beach combing. A mink family was busy running and swimming up and down the beach, cute! Life could be worse!