Thu 22/11-2018 Day 317

Pos: 29.2407,-114.8330
Loc: Playa Cuchillo
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
no paddling today

The night with the almost full moon was dead calm, but did I hear some rain drops? Almost impossible…
We woke to a calm day, and relaxed…the wind will come…maybe at 11 am, it started to blow moderately, then stronger. Nothing special, we could have paddled for half a day, but we deserved our rest day!

We filled our time with a lot of reading this morning, before our bodies decided to do some different exercise of a short hike into the back country. We finally pulled out our hiking poles, but what Lisa meant as using hiking poles was different to my idea. I liked a sporty walk, she rather liked “window shopping” with dragging along only one pole. Ok. I decided to climb an inviting single mountain, she kept on walking on the flat. Up on the top, I found for maybe now a dozen times in the bush a pair of shoes, actually two with that pair of flip flops. Why do people here dump their shore everywhere? They also dumped on the mountain top a frying pan, a spatula, a scarf, many other trash and about fifty empty tins of food. One full one I was tempted to take down to inspect the contents…probably some sardines or such according to the flat oval shape. Can people not keep their trash with them…? The desert 0flats were also littered with bottles of all shapes. A pity and shame.

I rather kept my eye on interesting shells, plants and whatever nature had to offer. Many amazing small things. Back in camp we had fun to watch our new “neighbors” with my binoculars, a small campervan with two guys going spear fishing. A local truck drove by them, and it seemed they exchanged some paperwork? Will that (probbaly) ranger also come to us? He did, and it turned out it was only a survey about who is using the coast with how many people, for what and for how long. No permit required, no money, we did no unallowed stuff. All good. We are in Mexico, not in Southern California or Europe…thanks for the Mexican hospitality!

The two guys also had spotted us, and came over to us with a chat and with a freshly caught fish. Thanks for that! But we both had to admit we were neither skilfull nor keen to cut and clean it into some filets…they guys were volunteering to do it for us, and came back later with the filets. Thanks so much! A nie addition to our dinner!

Two more days to spend, we will go tomorrow cliff walking into the other direction. Exciting!