Thu 23/08-2018 Day 275

Pos: 57.5671,-157.6980
Loc: Ugashik Bay entrance/ Pilot Point
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 41,4 km
Start: 07:00 End: 13:40

I fell asleep on writing…maybe there was snot much to tell today? I had a bad launch in moderate surf – got the cockpit brim full of water, but stayed afloat and pumped and pumped…paddled away from the outer break…pumped and pumped again…until I was sitting dry and stable again. I had been a fan of an electrical pump…but that one is gone. The manual one did the job, but it takes a while!

Crossing Mud River was a bit of a nerve wrecking job, large swells ran across the entrance offshore as not necessarily expected on the running up tide. I better was fully dressed with PFD. I don’t know how that might have felt yesterday if I would have kept on going on the running out tide…? But yesterday the general sea was lower than today with up to 1,50 m. Anyway, I was across at some point and the swells ran only occasionally again when I crossed some submerged river entrances.

I stayed offshore for most of the time, only across Cape Menshikof with steep high mud cliffs, I could get closer and land easy – but who wants to land and maybe camp under steep cliffs? The regular low black sand dunes with more or less grassy top were most of the time like the other days my scenery – not really exciting…high time to finish this long stretch of coast on the southern side of Bristol Bay and to move on to more changing scenery again! At least the closer I’m into Bristol Bay now, the less high seas I’m expecting…

STill, my preferred landing or today was inside Ugashik Bay on the first sheltered and halfway steep beach. I had no need to see the village of Pilot Point and skip it like Port Heiden, I still have all necessary supplies and don’t really feel like hooking up with people until the end of this section of my trip. Still not sure where it will be, likely Naknek rather than Dillingham, see how I feel about a longer or shorter crossing of Kvichak Bay and what the weather will be like this coming last week!

I had to drag my kayak a bit up the beach on low tide, as I was not keen to unload my maybe 80 glass balls sitting upfront the footrest, it was a bit of a job. But worth…!

I tried a walk, but this beach had really nothing to discover than a few drink cans instead of more glass balls…the wind breezed soon up to 25-30 knots as fore casted, and I better stayed in. See how tomorrow goes, I need to find water somewhere! I wish I haven’t dumped those tow bags in favor for my glass balls…I had marked a few streams, so no need to do the detour to Pilot Point village.