Thu 28/02-2019 Day 337

Pos: 27.6908,-114.8924
Loc: Bahia Tortugas
Acc: Hostel Moroco

Rest day with chores

A typical city day for me – all morning concentrated online work, editing pictures, updating facebooks and website blog, answering emails, talking to local contacts, organizing parcels, shopping and packing food…the first time Fylkir sees me working on my trip in a city. He looks quite impressed how much work sits behind keeping such detailed trip logs, maps, tables, picture albums, and general logistics. Yes, this trip is not a holiday trip! But it is very pleasant to work.

We even squeezed in a visit at a local hairdresser for a haircut for Fylkir – with 5 USD quite affordable. The hairdresser was quite an original, slightly heavy, strong, bold and tattooed all over, but he handled scissors and hair cutter professional, and out came a newborn Fylkir LOL!

I was initially aiming for leaving town again tomorrow, as I do not like to stay in a hostel longer than necessary, but we were short of a few online chores and would have to pack and work until the late night that we decided to stay another day. My regular city staying time is always two or three days depending on the necessary chores. I know precisely how too short one days is!

As soon as we made the decision, I kind of collapsed and pushed all leftover jobs far away and laid back. We walked into town to find a taco shop but only found (at first) a hot dog and nacho shop instead. It was run by an obviously famous transvestite performer, as all the pictures on the small shed walls proved. He was frying the sausages himself on a little homemade grill. No significant difference to my ice cream shops at home which is run by an obviously famous paddler who has many pictures on her shop walls also LOL! The only difference is that I am usually not serving the ice cream myself…my reliable employee ladies do the job. Thanks at this point for their work!