Tue 03/07-2018 Day 245

Pos: 55.0803,-161.7095
Loc: Dolgoi Island
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

Karel’s forecast came true – really nasty weather all morning until about 3 pm. The night was already windy around maybe 20 knots, but no rain yet – this started around 6 am, with accordingly stronger gusts up to 30 knots. Peeping out of the tent – my entrance was the windy side – made me closing it again within half a second, with the raindrops flying horizontally through the small opening. Ok, this will be a day off! The dumper was crashing even more nasty on the steep gravel beach, not really inviting either.

I turned around again, and slept until 9 am. Breakfast in bed, how nice! I started reading one or two pages on my Kindle, a fascinating written book from Jill Fredston “Snowstruck: In the Grip of Avalanches” (the same author who wrote my favorite adventure (paddling/ rowing) book “Rowing to Latitude”, and my dreams of my next sleep section until 1 pm were involved with me doing some kind of adventure racing through a maze where the obvious way was suddenly blocked by an avalanche, and I had to find a new one…dreams…but I neither got stuck nor buried by an avalanche but kept on successfully going until I woke…

It is amazing how your body is in need of sleep, though you are not feeling it straight away and in good conditions we would have been gone like normal…but this kind of long distance day by day paddle is eating on your physical conditions until you drop – or the raging nature is permitting you rest on a beach without (internet or people) distraction.I’m glad Michal felt the same need, it is not only me with my aging body…though I really think my recovery time is increasing by the years.

We had our due movie afternoon I had so far with all of my paddling partners – thanks again to Justine to provide me this selection of her inspiring videos – and this was basically it for today…

“Regular” moderate headwinds tomorrow, rather lowish headwinds and seas on Thursday (and hopefully reasonable winds on Friday also…), this makes three days of 40 km until we reach False Pass now by likely Friday. All good!