Tue 09/05-2017 Day 46

Pos: 53.5588, -130.5447
Loc: Solander Point north
Acc: tent
Dist: 42,7 km
Start: 06:30 End: 16:30

At highest tide this night, the metal gangway down to my floating dock was shifted to fully horizontal! Quite some 5-m tidal range here on springs. Some quick, clean packing from the floating dock, without falling or dropping anything into the water! If the tent was up, there was not much space to reach the kayak. But this was one of the best “exotic” campsites I ever had. It was promising weather, dry and occasional sunny, with lowest wind and seas. I could hug the coast as much as I liked to and stopped in many interesting places. For example, in a typical offshore boulder bay, with many “match sticks” or “tooth picks” of fat logs piled up criss cross high and dry on lowest tide, behind big round boulders, and many more logs floating upfront. Quite an impressive view!
The next interesting spot was a dead end into a wide round inlet behind an islet – one of those magic shallow places on lowest tide, with clear water and not very shy geese and a crane couple. I bet they barely have seen a boat in here!
I could paddle inside the closest rocks on highest tide around noon, and landed on an offshore rock shelf just to check on an interesting huge orange object – which I better should not have done, as when I wanted to climb out of my boat, I was slipping on some rocks and fell into the water, with my kayak half capsized. But no big deal with a dry suit and an electrical pump…but my kayak did not feel safe enough to walk up to the orange object to have a closer look when I had lifted it high and dry up on the sloping rocks with rising tide and small swell. But I assume it was some huge orange pipeline tube wrapped on a wrecked metal spool – whatever it was supposed to be used for.
I checked on the Stewarts Passage campsite, an inlet at a river mouth, but besides another crane couple, noisy geese and those inviting looking, but mostly not good to camp green river bank meadows with lots of bugs, it was not a place to stay for me. My preferred place for the night was in the Kirkendale Islands, which had many sandy beaches, but none of them looked dry enough for spring tide camping. The very best on a small islet with soaking soft sand on the bottom on low tide may have done the job, but in case, it had no upland retreat. I checked the next inviting one at Solander Point, which was perfect for my pre-birthday night! As I am 9 hours behind, my birthday already started at 3 pm today…Temperatures have been rising in the sunshine so far, I enjoyed running around naked for a while, a treat for a body stuck in a dry suit all day! But as soon as a cloud covers the sun, it is still freezing!
On my walk to the creek in the cove to the south, I forgot my pot to fill my water bags. No chance to get clean or water at all in my bags in a shallow small creek, so I walked back and then filled right three bags. One never knows where the next camp spot is, and if it has water…but mostly, I am feeling I am rather “walking with a beer into the pub” arriving on a new site with my filled water bags, as most campsite have a good fresh water creek not far away. But I like to be on the safe side, and do carry a few liters more.