Tue 10/04-2018 Day 184

Pos: 37.5030,-122.4808
Loc: Pigeon Point
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 42,0 km
Start: 08:00 End: 16:35

We launched into dead calm harbor water, quite relaxing…I was in the best mood and spirits, though I slept a bit short. This nasty online-world! It’s an addiction…so much looking forward to be in Alaska in the “bush”and to be OFFLINE! Well, besides my satellite e-mail possibility for my blog posts…

Franca and I chatted endless, so good to have someone nice paddling besides me knowing as much of the world as I know…not really many interesting stuff to see the first hours anyway, before we paddled behind a long breakwater reef with a line of caves inside the soft high sandstone cliffs. But despite the low seas, no cave looked inviting and accessible.

In a bay with a small picturesque holiday village, we found high up on the cliffs some huge letters, probably to be lit at night: “WILL YOU MARRY ME?” Someone has made here, probably already long ago, a really romantic and extraordinary proposal…a few minutes later, I found a full inflated blue-crystal clear kiddy beach-ball, with an attached inflatable small seahorse inside…couldn’t help but kissing the “frog” resp. – appropriate for sea kayaking ladies – the little seahorse, in the hope my prince comes out of his blue crystal ball…he will one day!

I agreed with Franca to have a musical afternoon, and as she is not the keen singer, but happy to listen, I performed kind of a Karaoke session, singing happily on top of my voice my favorite songs to my phone speakers. LIFE IS GOOD! That’s also what my LG phone says on booting…At some point, Franca put on her little neoprene cap against the upcoming wind chill…or was it rather against the noise???

The very sheltered Pigeon Point lighthouse beach is our home for this night. One more paddling day, and Franca needs to be back home for work, and it looks like two bad weather days on Thursday/ Friday are coming up anyway. I decided for myself to keep paddling south until the weekend before my talk in San Francisco on April 23rd, and am hoping someone will be happy to drive me and my kayak back to San Francisco latest on Sunday 22nd? Thanks!

After my talk, I’ll decide if I start tackling the missing bit between Eureka and San Francisco. I’m really hoping the wind and sea state will let me doing this April/ May it without endless waiting and high risk-taking…or I’ll have to postpone it to the autumn…