Tue 16/05-2017 Day 53

Pos: 54.3967,-130.8162 Loc: Island 42 Acc: tent Dist: 39,9 km Start: 07:00 End: 15:45
Yeah! My updates are now coming again daily, as I made obviously this Optimizer device working in Prince Rupert. Still, it takes about an hour off my evening recovery time to write those, which is quite noticeable for a tired kayaker.
John picked me up from Sheila and Greg’s house early in the morning, perfectly in time at 5.30 am as agreed. Thanks for giving me you new RB&B site, Sheila and Greg! Mike was driving down to the water himself at actually a different launch place where he could already load his boat from the car and wheel it down. We met at the Yachtclub as agreed, and both waved John off at 7 am. Thank you so much, John, to take so much generous care abut both of us! He even took Friday and Monday off work to do so. Not many people would do…
having Mike now as a new paddling partner besides me felt different, but very good. He looked confident in his slim QCC 700 kayak, and obviously also fitted all his gear inside the similar long but less volume kayak, and not strapping any deckload. Stll, my kayak was maybe 20 kg heavier than his. I carried all those batteries, a shitload of fresh fruit and am obviously also a packing genious to fit the maximum load into the available volume 🙂
We had a short play around an anchored tanker sitting silently and unloaded high up on the water. What a gigantic metal wall…I was close to paddle through the arch under it’s stern rudder, but as the ship was unloaded, the propeller was visible over the water line and it did not look really inviting to maybe get shredded there, in case they start the machine for some reason…?
Mike was unfortunately in vain searching for some ancient rock carvings right across the ferry bridge form Digby Island. It would have been nice to have had a precise way point!
It was calm water and wind, though fore casted to breeze up to 10-15 knots first north, then west. Not a fully easy crossing to Melville Island, but doable for me being maybe more experienced and Mike being maybe more strong. The swells were barely noticeable, which came handy when we paddled close to rocks and through some mszes of islands. Mike was not so much used to slip through rocks and paddling in rock gardens in general, but I told him just stay right behind me and he’ll be fine. He realize pretty soon there are usually clean lines between rocks on the path I am picking, and when I felt fine paddling “topless” through those, then there is really nothing to worry about!
We had been stopping prior to getting out in the unprotected side on a beautiful sandy islet tombolo, and climbed the top of the islet to have a look. What a view on that bright sunny day! Many white sandy beaches were lurking every where, but I was aiming for “the” best in this area. A white sandy beach with white shells, sunny, fully sheltered, and with some open hinterland forest.
Amazingly, Mike opted to put up his ten on the clean, but not sunny upland site, where as I *loved* to camp right down on the sunny beach on the white sand. We don’t get that many sunshine here! And this has been the best day of this year so far! I was warning Mike already in PR about I’d not care and still run around topless even when I’m not alone any more, and he was Man enough to stand that… 🙂 When my body is stuffed in a dry suit all that sunny day, it really yearn for some UV rays on the bare skin of the whole body! I also took a dip in the absolutely crystal clear water, but it was not moe than a short dip in freezing temperatures…
For cooking, Mike built a small fire for his pot, I opted to still use my gas stove for mine, I don’t like black pots. Maybe he just liked to show off to use his nice ax and saw he brought along – no chainsaw though, in a country where man power is measured by the length of the latter, hehehe…
Out of sudden, from the brightest sunshine, we were from one minute to the next covered in thick fog! A scary weather change! Well, we heard the howling buoys out there making noise all afternoon – and now the soup reached our paradise! It didn not last forever though, but my afternoon sun soak was a bit spoiled.
We then rather went for a walk. and Mike explained me a lot about the local biology. A climb on top of the tiny islet in a really nice open forest with huge trees and regained sunshine finished the lovely day with my new pleasant paddling partner. A good choice – or better good luck on my “blind date”?