Tue 20/11-2018 Day 315

Pos: 29.3972,-115.0286
Loc: open flat beach
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 29,9 km
Start: 07:00 End: 15:20

We calculated our water resources for the next eight days as sufficient, three liters each day for each. One of our spare plastic canister broke yesterday, and we lost two liters of the precious liquid. Still enough. Our motivation to go again today was limited, we urgently need a rest day. This is day ten of continuous days of paddling! But we agreed to have the rest days forced by the upcoming strong wind on Thursday to Saturday.

I can’t recall much excitement of the paddle today, easy winds and water, just straight forward, not much to tell. we are both physically and mentally tired, and are looking really forward to some rest days and do something else. We agreed to go in early, also to check on Lisa’s rudder which seemed not to be fully functional. A long wide beach seemed to have low surf, and we went in, both upright, riding out with a long side broach on a very shallow sandy beach before a wall of gravel on lowest tide. With some luck, we can launch tomorrow downhill the gravel on high tide.

I fixed Lisa’s rudder by tightening some screws, all good. A climb u the hill behind our beach revealed a wonderful view and some warm wind. The nights are already chilly and humid, nothing is easy drying anymore. But on today’s afternoon on our gravel camp, everything dried perfectly. Good. Still feeling smelly with no proper shower, we like to save water until we are sure to reach Santa Rosalita for refill.