Thu 05/04-2018 Day 179

Pos: 40.7716,-124.2133
Loc: Eureka
Acc: Damon’s house

no paddling today

We could have paddled today…but where we could have gone – (in rain all day…) we would have been stuck! No pick up possible…and the whole week’s long forcast looks either strong winds or high seas or both…NOT GOOD! And – our body’s didn’t complain about a rest day…

Our solution is, as Franca has limited time of two weeks paddling, and I do not like to have a week or more off, to drive tomorrow down to San Francisco. Thanks to Michael Morris to voluteer for that! Down south, the wind and swell is not so bad, and we can paddle form the Sna Francisco Bay south for at least four days – if not longer…!

I’ll do the section of the “Lost Coast” when the forcast shows at least a reasonable weather window not to be stuck there for days on end…my decision! Still have to atch my talking date in San Francisco on April 23rd…!

Besdies planning, we made ran some errands like swapping my dry suit at Kokatat’s, picked a bunch of spare screws for my kayak and shopped for food.

In te evening, Franca was outdoing herself by preparing the most yummy meat dinner I had for long…Michael and Damon were digging in as well! Thanks, Franca!