Wed 06/03-2019 Day 343

Pos: 26.9933,-113.9760
Loc: Playa Oceano Pacifico
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 47,7 km
Start: 7:30 End: 15:55

It is not necessarily also a human’s sleeping paradise when it is an animal’s sleeping paradise…really no idea what kind of birds (or other animals?) were making some really nasty noises all night. I finally put earplugs in which did only partly the job, Fylkir was sitting it out (or rather sleeping it out…). We also are both still suffering a bit from some really stupid nasty sunburn on the whole front of our bodies when we dared to lay in the sun on the day off three days ago. We caught the sunburn like some Mallorca tourists on the first day on the beach…LOL…hope today’s long day paddling it will be not that bad any more on rotating the body inside the spray deck on a good stroke.

We plan to paddle almost 50 km to the village of Play Oceano Pacifico. The forecast was for low winds and seas, though mostly headwinds. When the low chop stopped, we once more enjoyed a hard paddling session with music. Fylkir’s technique is getting better and better, and I finally will have a hard time to keep up with my strong man! The last 10 km without music and again a light headwind were tedious, and getting around the low rocky headland seemed to be endless until we finally could land on a shallow sandy beach with tiny surf. We saw whales spouting all day, seals, sea lions, dolphins, pelicans…the whole bunch. But today was rather a fitness paddling day with little sightseeing. So will be tomorrow, in even lower wind and seas, until we reach Punta Abreojos.