Wed 07/11-2018 Day 302

Pos: 32.2796,-117.0314″
Loc: Popotla
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 38,5 km
Start: 08:00 End: 15:20

We had a good calm and safe night – if it wouldn’t be for the constant helicopter noise which probably didn’t stop all night, with probably night vision and infrared cameras to find any possible refugee trying to enter the USA from Mexico. What an effort to protect the boarder! Over the Boarder Field State park and adjacent water area, we saw constantly at least two helicopter circling, sometimes up to five…

We were very grateful to have the permit to camp at the very nice YMCA surf camp, thanks to Serge, David and Zayanne for organizing! We were just feeling sorry we couldn’t find some strong young men this morning to help us shuffling boats and gear to the beach, and had to carry everything ourselves…LOL

But for launching we found a strong young surfer man from Switzerland to help us moving our already loaded kayaks to an easier launching spot about 100 m to the right. Danke, Patrick! Lisa got out pretty quickly and easy, I had to wait about five or six breakers until I could also escape the soup zone. All good! Following winds today!

The six kilometers to the boarder to Mexico were kind of exciting – would anybody be bothered by us passing? A navy helicopter flew pretty low over us, and we were surely on some picturres and in the vision of binoculars. But we seemed to be harmeless to them, and they kept on circling over the Boarder field state park.

FINALLY IN MEXICO! Over the times of stealth camping, of getting chased by arrogant beach patrols, cops, rangers and what not kind of authorities who are neither helpful nor don’t like us camping where we need to after landing – right on the beach! Over the times of being treated like a yucky homeless rather than as an international renown sports woman…Latin-America is different!

We hugged pretty much the coast, so many new impressions to see on land! The first was – not a single surfer, swimmer or SUP-paddler to be seen nowhere! And there were definitively some pretty surfable waves…! Are Mexicans no water-lovers? We saw many nice beaches, but mostly empty. Maybe it is out of season…must be really a cold winter here…LOL! We found it much warmer today again with the following winds.

The architecture of the beach houses was also a colorful mixture of either almost US-fancy, hippy, ugly concrete or simple accommodations, much more to catch the eye than the uniform-fancy houses in the US. Some high-rise buildings were looking like half finished or half-broken down, probably running out of money in the mid of construction. But all shore-fishermen and the guys on the odd crab boat were waving friendly back to us. Nice!

Before we turned ntínto Popotla bay, we saw many fancy high rise buildings along our way, and also some lurking on the next headland. But Popotla was an old-style fishing village like we were envisioning. Colorful umbrellas on beach restaurants, fishing boats on land, fresh fish and fruit for sale on stands, cars on the beach with happy families – and a big fancy RV park high up the cliffs right next to our beach camp.

We made a short walk through “town”, shopped some cactus-fruit and juice, and I was smilin at a colorful Mexican musician and of four who entertained the beach restaurant guests. The accordion player, either not firm on the music or on the text to sing, had a smart phone attached to the top of his instrument and was obviously cheating on reading the notes or texts scrolled down while playing and singing. Modern world also here!