Wed 09/05-2018 Day 213

Pos: 35.5705,-121.112
Loc: Cambria Leffingwell Creek
Acc: Russ’ house

An all-office day…well, besides the wonderful and scary distraction of me riding Mike’s Harley Davidson…just have a look on my separate face book post!

For dinner, Russ and I went to the supermarket for chicken and salad, plus we bought two half-liter buckets of Häagen Dazs ice cream, second best after my own (and unfortunately not available here Janny’s Eis!), which we eventually happily gulped down, one bucket for each!, with a pile of fruit salad I made…just what the doctor ordered for my (German) birthday morning!
I also got a quick tour on Russ’ tiny motorhome, this is just half the size of my old one…LOL!

With a stretched tummy to the max, Russ and I didn’t feel able any more to hit his amazing large hot tub…TOMORROW! Thanks to Russ to hosting me so nicely here!