Wed 10/05-2017 Day 47

Pos: 53.8197, -130.6320
Loc: Joachim Spit
Acc: tent
Dist: 37,5 km
Start: 07:40 End: 16:05

I took my time this morning to check my sat phone for birthday wishes, and to call my partner Peter. Another stretch inside the sleeping bag, but the sunshine and another calm dry day was lurking outside! Tide was still extreme low springs at 8 am, so I had to paddle all the way around all the outer rocks of Larsen Island, instead of being able to sneak between Larsen and Banks Island. No big deal on a sea looking like a perfect millpond! Just some friendly detour.
I had no clear plan how to continue, and eventually tend for a crossing on dead calm water to Goschen Island, instead of paddling the not too attractive curve via McCaukley and Dolphin Island. The last 5 km, the very low headwind all day breezed up with the tidal change, and now paddling was a tad bit more work against wind and tide, but still zero swell in the sea. I wanted to check on the wide sandy beach south of Joachim Point, when I spotted kayaks on the water, just coming from there! My birthday party participants? this was my second encounter with a similar pre-season guide training group of about 10 paddlers, this time led by Sarah Osborne, a lady I had never met, but already spoken to on a phone interview. Once more, our kayaking world is small! One guy was carrying an interesting “Personal Flotation Device” on the back deck – an abandoned rescue ring from some ship! We took a few pictures, but were unfortunately heading into opposite directions.
The boulders at Joachim Spit was still mostly submerged when I arrived two hours after high tide, and I quickly slid over the inner rocks with funny currents. On lowest tide, I may have to do a detour of 500 m or more around the outer spit rocks! The best place to camp was on the eastern side at a small creek, where there would be no boulders on lowest tide. Another idyllic place for my “West Coast” birthday! I had a shower in the creek, and ran around naked for about an hour in bright sunshine! How could it be better…
Around 6 pm, the bell buoy at the passage entrance started to ring like church bells – why? It is still dead calm water and best visibility, until now, 9 pm! It is still ringing…if it continues all night, I will put ear plugs in. Low chance for bear visits anyway here.