Wed 17/05-2017 Day 54

Pos: 54.6399, -130.8333
Loc: Gnarled Islands
Acc: tent
Dist: 42,7 km
Start: 07:30 End: 16:20

It was a foggy morning start, but the sun came out soon and stayed with a cloud mixture all day. Not a single raindrop! We have agreed to go outside Dundas Island, the seas were low, the light wind was in the back, it cannot be better. This promised to be much more interesting than paddling the eastern side. A handful of headlands proved to be still rough, but all good. Mike was comfortable paddling here, and where he might have doubts, he followed me in my wake. In general, I have good confidence he could handle more big seas than he had already experienced on his other trips.
We swapped paddles around for testing, and had a small “surf run” on a quite windy corner. Both kayaks behave quite similar in following seas, both have rudders, one is just heavier loaded and the other propelled by a stronger man, so no doubt about who won the “small competition”.
There was a site marked on my chart called “Boat Harbor”, where there were supposed to be some indigenous old houses, surely of some interest to have a look. When we arrived in the nice sheltered sandy bay, the entire site did not look abandoned at all, but five youngsters and a dog were playing at the beach, and a mom was busy around the house. One larger fishing boot was moored out at a floating dock, and the other one we saw just an hour ago with a skiff buzzing around probably belonged to the same place.
We slowly approached, but it did feel private here! The kids came down to the beach for a chat, and they confirmed to us they were there only for May to collect clams, abalones, and sea weed. When we turned away without landing to have a break on some other beach, a motorboat with a First Nation man and women rounded the beach before, just like to show us we were better not tempted to stay here. The women on purpose looked to the other side on passing, the man replied my greeting hand sign. We only filled our water bags and aimed for Gnarled Island as planned.
Another white sandy shell beach was waiting for us in some sunshine! A perfect luxury padding day. The campsite on the top end on sand was in the shade though, and after my dip in the clear ocean I chose for the warm camp clothing version. I will have to sleep earlier this evening, not writing and sending my updates out that late as last night. So enough from today!