Wed 21/11-2018 Day 316

Pos: 29.2407,-114.8330
Loc: Playa Cuchillo
Acc: Hilleberg Allak tent
Dist: 28,6 km
Start: 07:00 End: 13:10

The launch was a bit tricky. As expected, on the highest tide time this morning, the water reached over the flat sandy foreshore up to the steep gravel bar we were camping on, and created some reflective waves. I gave Lisa a go to push in, jump on and to close the deck with a bit of fumbling, but I stood in the shallows for three breakers before I could let her go over the first breaker area. She was lucky with the outer line to be able to paddle straight out.
I rumbled my own kayak down the gravel in the shallows on a lull, but had also some problems to close my deck quickly and got a face wash. Two more washes, and out I was. Thank goodness!

Our energy level was better this morning after a longer afternoon, but we were still both looking forward to the next days of strong wind which would give us some rest. Today’s seas and winds were still calm, but for the next three and maybe another day, it would be winds up to 25-30 knots with seas over two meters.

We had some good amount of fresh water to just survive for 7-8 days, but some extra and maybe for some showers and a hairwash-rinse would be nice. When we came across the fishing camp of San José with a sheltered shallow sandy landing and bunch of trucks and trailers parked on the beach, we decided to stop and to ask for fresh water. Just after landing, a truck with four men came down to us and we got invited to drive up to the only real house and to refill our empty bags. Thanks for that! I took the ride, Lisa watched the kayaks. The guys were so friendly to also give us two bottles of Coca Cola plus two cans of apple juice. Nice, thanks! Some launchig help on the shallow sand was also appreciated.

They asked us if we would like to stay, but our idea of three to four days off on a beach was different. We liked privacy, some naked swims and agood hiking area…the next wide sandy bay after a long line of interesting cliffs was just perfect for that! Ok, we could have paddled maybe a bit longer today…but the cliffs and the bay were too good to miss. Shallow as the other beach, the surf in was easy.

One abandoned shed and four not really recently used fishing boats were the only sign of people here – and five motorbikes and four off road cars rushing by as participants of the obviously still ongoing race Baja 1000. Then we had the bay for ourselves. We chose a camp spot a bit away from the boats and shed on some rocky sand spot, which we cleaned with some effort from the worst rocks. It was a bit sheltered from the upcoming wind behind some bushes, and we put up tents well staked out. I also cleaned and oiled our tent poles before they would be stuck together for maybe five nights. Corrosion is growing quickly here in the salty and dusty air, and then it would be hard to take them apart again.

We enjoyed each a long bath in the sea with hair wash and fresh water shower, what a luxury! Glad we got that extra water…some first beach walk revealed a lot of collector’s items, like sand dollars (for me…!), many shells and other interesting things. Full moon will be tomorrow, but this night’s moon was already bright, and I enjoyed sitting outside for a longer while. Life could be worse! No paddling tomorrow! Our sore bodies will appreciate the rest.