Wed 27/02-2019 Day 336

Pos: 27.6908,-114.8924
Loc: Bahia Tortugas
Acc: Hostel Moroco
Dist: 42,3 km
Start: 8:30 End: 16:50

It is Fylkir’s 52nd birthday today! I was already congratulating him yesterday on Icelandic time, and this morning again…thanks so much for being with me, my loved man! You are a terrific addition to my life. Whatever we do together on our expeditions or at home, it is much better with a matching partner! And you are a perfect match for me. I LOVE YOU!
Fylkir is just reading on his Kindle Sarah Outen’s expedition books – he didn’t come across her engagement yet…when Sarah was lying in her rowboat cabin in the middle of the ocean and proposed to Lucy via satellite phone…and the engagement rings were painted with a Sharpie on the ring fingers in the lack of real ones and the distance…
I am rarely imitating something, but imitating Sarah is no shame…we also painted us some rings for an “informal” commitment! We might have to re-paint every evening until we get some real rings…

The forecast Karel sent us for the next five days didn’t look good enough to paddle around Isla Cedros happily, so we changed plans and chose to round Punta Eugenia already today and to reach Bahi Tortugas this evening. It was a calm day with flat seas and low winds, and as soon as we had turned south-east, everything finally comes from behind – seas and wind! Yahoo!

It also means I was reminding Fylkir we had surf skis under our bums…and we happily surfed some low waves along. Once more my elaborated technique was keeping up with Fylkir’s strength, but I know things will change very soon as my man is learning quickly!

We had stripped down to the shirt. Finally, the conditions were right! On a short break in a reef bay, I found the only one-meter narrow sandy landing gap to disembark safely. We climbed up the cliffs for a magnificent view of the upcoming bays. Huge kelp beds were blocking the light swell from offshore, but also on the last bay crossing; we could surf lightly across. No whales in this bay here, even not in Bahia Tortugas. They seem instead like the inlets!

When we turned into our destination bay for the night, the village looked rather small, and I was already suspecting there must be more behind the next headland…but no, that was it! We landed on the beach with the most fishing boats. Our contact with the Navy hosting us was unfortunately not working out, and we had to help ourselves for accommodation. It was Fylkir’s birthday, and I was ok affording a hostel room which is relatively cheap here anyway. We need charging possibilities and internet to work the next day off. And I also envisioned a lovely candle-light dinner with my man…

We hooked up with some locals who showed us a hotel option which was fine for us. A fisherman we already had met on the water transported gear and kayaks on his truck in the usual way with the kayaks sticking out long off the truck bed. All safe on arrival!

The usual shower and gear cleaning efforts took us a while, and we even could do laundry at Maria’s restaurant while we had dinner. It was lobster with Tequila and beer for a special man’s birthday! Affordable also here, and I enjoyed Fylkir’s beaming face on this special birthday treat. Maria and her daughter made a great effort to serve us nicely in her small restaurant with sea view. She seemed to be used to host a lot of sailors there, as the wall signatures were showing. Sure I was adding my card and sticker…
Outside, there was a large doghouse where a bitch had given birth to nine small puppies of 20 days old now. How cute they were! I loved to play with them and to pet them, though I usually keep away from other people’s dog Our laundry was meanwhile (almost) dry, and we made our way “home” to the hostel.

Unfortunately, we had now to look into charging our many things instead of just jumping into bed…which followed a bit later…it was a great birthday!