Wed 31/10-2018 Day 295

Pos: 33.6020,-117.8827″
Loc: Newport
Acc: Morris’ house
Dist: 34,3 km
Start: 06:50 End: 13:20

No cop or security guard intruded into our private(ly occupied) Boy Scout’s beach, and besides the noise from the bridge above us we had a peaceful night. I used earplugs, Lise said she did not need any…in the morning she admitted it might have been nicer.

We got up early to void any collusion with possible city workers checking on the technical setup under the bridge, as opposing to “no parking at any time” and “no loitering” would be fined with 1000 $ or half a year jail, as a sign said. Thanks for the friendly place to camp!

Many row boats and outriggers were already up for the morning spin, and we joined in. Just that we kept on going out of the harbor. Again, dead calm wind and seas, and this time Lisa suggested some music might be nice…I told her this will be dangerous as I will paddle much faster, she might not know or like my music and I might be singing along…she was hoping the music also would be motivating her to paddle faster, but for me it seemed she rather got frustrated with me for a while buzzing occasionally ahead, paddling slalom and a few circles around her 🙂 she kept paddling like a locomotive, rather slowly and steady. No problem, as we have a final landing destination anyway and limited distance to paddle for the day, and if we get there an hour earlier or later – who cares.

We were watching a surf competition at Huntington Beach, no idea how the judges give points to either of the four surfers in a group with different colors t-shirts. Rather semi-exciting. Surfers were literally on every sectin of the endless long beach – and no safe landing for us nowhere, maybe behind Newprt Beach pier the surf was a bit lower.

We aimed for Newport harbor and a safe beach close to the coast guard station where Morris Ho, a local kayaker would pick us up. Before he arrived, Lisa and I practised some rescues in the shallow warm water, and she tried to roll my kayak successfully with the paddle extended. Good job, girl!

Morris and his wife own a newish huge house up the hills with sea view, another not too bad accommodation for us tired kayakers! Thanks Morris to pick us from the beach and to give us a home for the night! Morris also drove me (Lisa was unfortunately tired…) around to the viewpoint “Top of the World” in the hills with s little steep hike, good for the legs!
We joined also a street Halloween Party. Nice to see how US-Americans celebrate Halloween! A mixture of what we call carnival and the ghostly-witchy-bloody-pumpkin show. Nice costumes everywhere! Well worth a visit. Thanks, Morris! After we had some trouble finding our car, he also drove me out to Dana Point where we will paddle to tomorrow, and to his favorite beach spots. Morris loves surf kayaks, rolling, and has build himself several wooden strip-boats and a paddle board. So nice to be retired…