Fri 05/04-2019 Day 373

Pos: 23.6952,-109.6952
Loc: Los Barrilles
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 51,7 km
Start: 06:55 End: 17:30

We paddled past the “official” beach next door and saw on signs confirmed we were in the Cabo Los Frailes National Park. They gave space for 21 tents, and there were only three…so all good…we were just camped a bit further away…and behaved well. It was a pleasant paddle further on, it almost felt like paddling on a bathtub with crystal clear water and dead calm seas. We got even a bit of the following wind, and after I overcame my tiredness of a non-challenging paddle with switching some music on, we were flying along! We haven’t played music on the water for a while…
Also simultaneously flying along with us were first two small flying fish, and later a bunch of more flying criss cross. As we now worked a bit harder and chose to paddle without spray deck, we made a bet who catches one in the cockpit first…but none of us won.
The next flight show was done by a bunch of Manta Rays, sometimes three or four at a time, so wonderful! It was Fylkir’s first-time view, I had already seen them at a crossing to the Pearl islands in Panama, a stunning flight show of hundreds of them together!
In the National Park, there were just a few private houses – yet still some…who knows how those people got the permit. According to the sign, the park was actually supported by the German government, a good idea in international cooperations. Later, the coast was once more fringed with mostly expensive looking and large beach houses, likely all owned by white Americans or Europeans. It looks like the whole coast of Baja California del Sur from Todos Santos to La Paz and probably even further north (what we’ll find out next year…) is occupied by rich white people, using likely their homes here only half a year and then it will be all a ghost Cape in the summer heat…?
The usual transport on the beaches here is an ATV/ four-wheel drive motorbike or a golf-cart-like vehicle. No one is walking here, and swimmers are also still rare despite the calm beaches and warm water…and all vehicles occupied by a white couple in retiring age. Welcome to the senior citizen home Baja California!
I was myself today constantly keeping wet, and paddling without spray deck is a relief. Life could be worse! We needed to find a food shop tonight to refill water, Fylkir went out for the job, I guard the camp and am typing. Good job sharing!