Fri 12/04-2019 Day 380

Pos: 24.0873,-109.9924
Loc: La Ventana
Acc: La Ventana Hostel
Dist: 15,1 km
Start: 07:30 End: 10:15

Our last paddling day for this section! The wind and seas calmed down again back to nothing, and we had an easy crossing of 15 km ahead. Nothing really special happened, we were just not sure where to stay in La Ventana as Kristen offered us her garage for storage but she was not home. But she recommended the “La Ventana Hostel”, and this was a good choice. Salim and Sam, the owner couple, have build a lovely place for a decent price. Salim promised to pick us from the beach, but due to some misunderstanding, we were landing and waiting at another yellow house down south, and it took a while to connect and to find us. Thanks for the pickup!

We started the usual chores, washing our boats and gear, and organizing what stays here and what we’ll take home. Laundry we have to do tomorrow, the water resources are too short for having enough pressure today.

We celebrated our final paddling day with dinner at the Merlin Seafood restaurant down the road. Very good food!

Our way home will start on Sunday with a flight to Tijuana and crossing the border with a shuttle bus, where Shan Sethna, Jen’s husband, will pick us up for the night. We will collect the gear we have left there, including my huge glass ball which finally found it’s the way to San Diego. Thanks to anyone involved to ship it up there! Also, the parcel we left at the whale camp where we picked our sare paddles, has made it to Jen and Shan. Thanks very much for that to everybody!

We are hoping to pack everything into two normal pieces of luggage, as we are leaving most bulky gear in La Ventana as usual. Our flight home to Kopenhagen starts on Monday 15h, back home on Tuesday. It will be good to be back in our house!