Mon 08/04-2019 Day 376

Pos: 24.0795,-109.9914
Loc: La Ventana
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 30,3 km
Start: 07:00 End: 13:45

We were happy to have chosen our beach and not the next one which had a sandy dune – but also many cars. Some more private castles or rather palaces lined up the coast, until we reached Punta Perico with stunning white cliff formations. Beautiful!!!

We just rounded the white sandy spit of Punta Arena de la Ventana, when a small round spiky fish was happy to jump on my paddle blade. He had to model on my spray deck until I released him back into the water where he blew himself up and raised his spikes allover the body to look BIG and DANGEROUS, LOL! Two Manta Rays pleased our eyes by jumping close to our kayaks.

It was calm all morning, but for some reason, we did not take Karel’s weather update serious and decided to cross over the Bahia La Ventana straight to the middle of the city where we had marked a supermarket to refill water for the last time. The punishment was half of the crossing in 25+ knots NNW wind not straight into our face, but sideways with some headwind feeling. The waves rose accordingly, but we felt just happy for the challenge and din’t even bother to put on our PFD’s. Just fun in high wind waves with no swell!
If we would have lost our power, we would have just let go south to land some where on the long sandy beach. But no way…Fylkir is just the right paddling partner for such clenching teeth paddling and not giving up! Good man…I was running music since the beginning of the crossing, and was singing aloud until we landed. This time maybe blown by the wind…

La Ventana is a kite surfing paradise, and today’s 25+ knots wind invited about thirty kiters to be out there. Nice to watch! I wouldn’rt mind to learn this also…

Fylkir went for water and little shopping while I was researching our weather and final paddling options and possible new contacts. It looks unfortunately not inviting enough to round Isla Espiritu Santo to e in la Paz in time for our flight. Also, our original contact to store our kayaks in La Paz did not happen, and we made a new one in La Ventana now. Thanks to Kristen Ulmer to store our gear! We have now six days left which we like to spend paddling around Isla Cerralvo now, with one or two days of hiking in between when it is blowing hard on Thursday.

It will be good!