Sun 07/04-2019 Day 375

Pos: 23.9709,-109.8385
Loc: Bahia de Los Muertos
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 27,8 km
Start: 06:30 End: 13:45

We paddled in constant headwind of 15 to 18 kn today, too much to find it pleasant, but too little to stop early like yesterday. We could have landed on many places, but felt rested enough from yesterday to do some workout paddling.

The fancy houses disappeared at some point to be replaced by rather local looking areas. Nice! A wedding event area with a nice outside setup looked rather like blown by the wind, what a pity for the guests. But at least no rain but sunshine!

Dolphins jumped off our beach in the morning, huge small silver fish swarms over our first paddling kilometers, and hundreds of Manta Rays in the distance off our beach in the evening. On the afternoon snorkeling, hundreds of sea urchins decorated the impressive reef, many different fish. Our beach was littered with dead white coral pieces and dried cow and donkey shit. Lush nature everywhere in crystal clear water!