Thu 11/04-2019 Day 379

Pos: 24.1803,-109.8868
Loc: Isla Cerralvo
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent

no paddling today

It was relaxing to wake up to 25 knots wind and 1,5 m swell and to know this would be our last day off on theis trip section. we were planning a hike into one of the many large dry river mouth on this island, a perfect natural hiking trail. Temperatures were acceptable, and some breeze reached also most corners of the deep canyon. It was a wide rocky/ sandy path, looking on many corners if a ruck had just run down in double lanes, later in a single lane for quad bikes. We admired the many cacti growing literally out of rocks and the many plants which found a living space here on this dry barren island. Still the nature looked somehow green, where do they get their water form when it is not raining, and this is 360 days of the year? I’d really LOVE to see how a rainy day develops here, it must be a flash flood coming down the canyons according to the rocks and gravel and sand on the move.

Wild goats are living here, and we found more than 20 skulls with or without horns, or the horns separately. Quite high up, we found some sign of a hunter camp, a leftover table, chair, frying pan and machete. If it is ok to hunt, is it also ok to leave the trash behind? Also about twenty plastic bottles lined our hike, and they did not flood uphill but must be leftovers frm hikers/ hunters up here. we also found a bucket grown into a cactus, half a plastic canister, a shoe, a flip flop, another shoe, a bike glove, a back pack, a knife pocket for a belt, plastic gloves, a blanket, half a cell phone and a not too bad knife. Interesting additions to a steep canyon flooded few days a year…
Still, we absolutely enjoyed the hike with the goats, hares, hundreds of lizzards, iguanas of different sizes, humingbirds, butterflies, draginflies and a strange big black insect which didn’t look inviting to have it on my skin.

We carried half a waterbag uphill, plus a grapefruit and two kiwis, but still flet we had to household with the liquid in the dry heat. When we finally decided to turn around, the canoyn was man-narrow and steep with loose rocks. I briefly climbed a side up to a ridge to see if we already have reached the other side of the island, but it was nothing to see.

Downhill, we rather did a sporty march, feeling almost tired of so many waondrful details to discover. A great day!