Thu 14/03-2019 Day 351

Pos: 26.0662,-112.3013
Loc: before La Bocana
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 28,8 km
Start: 7:00 End: 11:55

One is wondering about the manners of our neighbors in the hostel – at 11 pm, they played two damn loud music songs before it was silent again, and then once more at 4 am – as if their alarm clock was going off…strange…

We slept anyway halfway good and carried the boats down to the beach first, then the bags in two runs. No lift available this morning, but no big deal. Fylkir seemed to have lost his sea legs in the last two days in the city where we were watching big surf rolling in. We had 1,20 m seas and very low wind all morning, still, he felt kind of uncomfortable since last night, having too many bad thoughts about the landing. We had basically three options, one lower surf landing between two headlands, then a river mouth with unknown unbroken opening or none, and the last one was a village landing behind a reef which looked promising. Still, as the wind breezed up with the tide change at 11 am, we tried the first landing.
After a straight crossing of the bay far offshore, we gave the first headland a wide berth, not seeing any shelter straight behind the reef break as I was hoping. I carefully approached the lower and much narrower surf in the middle, and was slowly but surely working my way in. Nothing broke before the last maybe 20 meters where I paddled behind some moderate breakers into confused shallows. I had a dry landing. I waved Fylkir in, and he also made it in upright. He just had to do a deep high brace into a wave after a brace to the wrong side. Still well recovered! He was quite relieved to be safely in for the day…the wind just reached over 15 knots and paddling further might have made the landing in the river mouth or behind the reef more confused.

We made a long hike with our poles over sandy dunes and driveways to the river mouth to have a look, but we could spot no real unbroken channel. So far so good for our landing choice! A small cow herd lingered in the low shadows of some spiky bushes. The village was on the other side of the river.

On the way back, we found a fresh fin – torn off from a dolphin? It had a dark and a light colored side…how the heck did the fin got off the poor animal? A full dried dolphin head was also one of our nature studies of the day. Not much else to find besides a new black and white species of mussels and a bunch of coral fans.