Tue 09/04-2019 Day 377

Pos: 24.2873,-109.8784
Loc: Isla Cerralvo palm tree beach
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 42,4 km
Start: 08:00 End: 16:20

My GPS told me yesterday we had a time change here, I assume it was winter to summer time and not crossing another time zone??

Oh what a lovely breeze came yesterday afternoon into our wide open tent front, tonight it is no breeze at all and I am still sweating after a dip in the ocean and the sun hiding behind the mountains. It was one f those dead calm days here in the Sea of Cortéz, as much it was yesterday one of those very windy days.

We decided to spend our last days paddling around Isla Cerralvo, as our storage option is now with Kristen Ulmer in la Ventana and not in La Paz. Today, we crossed over, rounded the southern point and paddled 2/3 up the eastern coast. This Island is uninhabited and much more rugged than Isla Espiritu Santo, but still has many beaches and rock formations to enjoy. If you have an eye for the beauty of the detail and the remoteness, you will be pleased. We enjoyed once more many jumping Manta Rays, one whale, hundreds of diving pelicans, and on the southern end many reefs with fish visible even without diving mask through the crystal clear water. I hugged very much the coast and paddled behind a bunch of rocks in no swell, while Fylkir rather enjoyed the view from a bit of distance.
Many pelicans with shorter beaks than we have seen on the Pacific side bomb-dived down to fish pretty close to the beaches, probably the reason while their beaks are shorter…LOL…a small turtle floated around, while we saw a huge one on yesterday’s windy lumpy crossing.

I found an impressiver very narrow sandy gap to land my kayak between high cliffs and took my chance, my smallest landing beach ever! In general, it was a relaxed paddle on dead calm seas and no wind, hot, and if I went a bit offshore, it was almost falling asleep and quickly paddled close again to have at least a bit of challenge and entertainment in the details.

We found three beaches with blankets, eating utensils and fridges or cooler boxes for ice, one freshly filled for the obviously one and only fishing boat we saw along the eastern shore. The two guys were fishing with a round throw net and politely ignored us on passing by close. Sorry to disturb your remoteness!

For the night, we picked a remarkable beach with a bundle of fat palm trees growing literally out of the rocks. there are no other palm trees here, so this unique spot formed a natural shelter for fishermen sleeping here occasionally. Three fridges and a bundle of blankets in a plastic bag plus a pile of trash (if it would be not spread out everywhere…) completed the hotel-setup. But we were alone here tonight, and found a virgin rock corner for our tent. No snorkeling today, noting to see upfront here, but swimming, washing hair and shaving. Grooming time for not becoming a beach zombie! LOL