Wed 03/04-2019 Day 371

Pos: 23.0956,-109.5666
Loc: behind Punta Gorda
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 33,7 km
Start: 07:00 End: 14:40

I didn’t sleep much, chewing on the missed piece all night…
We launched into a dead calm morning, enjoying the sun finally from the seaside in the morning and letting us admire the coast. Admiring…the endless hotel buildings with partly interesting architecture. One after the other…where do all those people come from paying their stay here? It all looked like money and rich white people. Amazingly, all nice and clean sandy yellow beaches are very steep and pretty useless for the average person for swimming. The pool, if available, must do then…? Well, this water is warm, maybe 25 degrees…not too bad.
We passed two kayak fishermen and another four on their sit on tops. One just pulled out and killed a pretty large fish, great luck! All those guys are locals, selling probably their fish to good price straight to any hotels. But besides those, we saw only in one corner six fishing boats, and none of them out. The crafts out fishing were rather larger yachts with white guys fishing for pleasure. It is a different life here on this coast!
We did not spot any beach without a hotel, thank goodness we didn’t have to land. A wetland area before a small marina gave us steep choppy water, and marina Puerto Las Cabos looked inviting to land, but we were not due to land yet. But we soon regretted to not have done it, as the wind freshened up soon to solid 17-20 knots straight into the face. Yahoo, we haven’t had that for a long while! We pushed on, not willing to turn around…but we liked to land as soon as we saw an option. But there was none for about two hours, and we kept on pushing…speed was down to 3-4 km/h, but we made progress. The beach before Punta Gorda looked inviting from the distance, but coming closer, the wash up the beach was still too high and indicated a very steep coast. No good landing here, we have to go around the point.
I was aiming for the deepest bay in this wide curve, where the waves can run out the maximum and the beach did not look so steep on low tide. I was doing very right, this beach was protected from both sides with some rocky reefs, and the breaker was moderate and broke slightly offshore. I paddled in on good timing, landed fine and pulled up my kayak ok, it was not too steep. Fylkir made it also fine, I directed him just between some reef rocks where I could catch him.
The first thing we spotted on this beach were some signs “Private area”…but just at the beginning of the dunes, and we simply put our tent up just before. No one bothered us here, just a young couple walked by and asked curious questions. Nice I have an “answering machine” LOL! Thanks for the job, my man!