Wed 10/04-2019 Day 378

Pos: 24.1803,-109.8868
Loc: Isla Cerralvo
Acc: Hilleberg Keron 4 tent
Dist: 35,3 km
Start: 07:05 End: 14:35

It was a while ago when we got up before sunrise for an early start. Today, we felt like we had to run before the wind breezes up to the fore casted 27 knots. It was worth while! The light from the early morning sun shining on the eastern side of the island cliffs was magnificent. Glad we didn’t paddle the eastern side yesterday completely, though camping early afternoon on the burning hot sand was also not really a pleasure. We felt like lying all night on an oven, despite our “insulation pad” should not keep only the cold but also the heat away. No breeze for most of the night, just for about an hour, the tent was suddenly shaking with some wind. Strange…

I paddled again for most of the day behind all available rocks and very close to the shore. I love it, especially when it is so dead calm like today it is a great entertainment. Fylkir loved to talk to the birds with some well done whistling which gave a great echo on the steep cliffs. I wonder what the birds were thinking…pelicans, eagles, seagulls and what not. The turtle of the day floated past, and four fishing boats gathered on the northern spit for an early morning catch. Three more fishermen shed spots showed the usual trash everywhere, I really wonder if it is too much demanded to get those old fridges which are everywhere off the island properly discarded? We estimated about 25-30 fridges in all kind of rotten states spread all over the island, some in pieces with the insulation foam everywhere, some rusty and damaged. We saw fishermen in these days using modern cooler boxes with ice to keep their catch fresh for the time they are at work here.

One quite deep cave showed also a lot of signs of temporary living, with the same amount of shabby “interior design” of all kinds of trash. If I’d live in La Ventana, I’d vote for a beach cleanup for this beautiful natural island. I’m quite sure the tourist guides at Isla Espiritu Santo keep their “business place” spotless clean, why not the fishermen here?

At the eastern side in the early morning light, we spotted three times some mountain goats high up the steep cliffs. Nice to see also land animals from the sea! How do they get their water? From the cacti?

We were waiting all noon and beyond for the wind breezing up, but only when we put up our tent on our final beach and had stretched it out to the south western direction the moderate wind just came from, it suddenly started to blow heavily form the forecasted north west and we had to turn our tent. Always believe the forecast…at least we were on land.

We were planning to have a hiking day tomorrowon some windy forecast, and will be crossing back to La Ventana on Friday with lower wind. We will have to find some hostel accommodation to spend our last two nights and to wash our gear, as Kristen is not home for the summer and has shut down her house completely but lets us keep our kayaks in her garage. Thanks for that, Kristen!