Wed 13/03-2019 Day 350

Pos: 26.2546,-112.4771
Loc: San Juanico
Acc: Mike’s hostel

no paddling today

It’s still 1,70 m swell today, to much for us without a real safe landing. The afternoon wind is coming in also too strong, and our coughing can have another day of rest. We’ll launch again tomorrow into 1,20 m and winds not ove 15 knots. The whole week after will be low swell around 1 m and low to moderate winds – for us of limited us, as after two or three days, we will be paddling inside a large lagoon for about five or six days. We can take it slow, as with normal progress of 40 km per day, we would just reach the last lagoon exit when the swell and winds come up again for at least two days – as long and as good as a long-term forecast goes. So we also can spend those higher swell-wind days instead of waitin at the exit by taking things inside the lagoon slower.

Today, we made a long hike along the coast and saw some impressive breakers out there hitting the reefs around our headland. Only a few SUP paddlers and one surfer were playing at the inner sheltered rolling breakers, the other corners seemed to be too high also. As we were thinking on our paddle up here, all fancy looking houses at the sea shore belong to white US or European people related to surfing. Locals were living as usual in smaller houses with a tad bit less organization around their yards. In between, there are many smaller and larger trash dumps which are stretching out along the sandy track with many thorny bushes alongside through the bush to the other side of the headland. That was our way back…yes, trash disposal could also be a bit more organized here.

We found some cough drops in a small shop, and feel like we are getting better. The next sunny paddling week will hopefully help also!