Fri 12/11-2021 Day 617

Pos: 17.9818,-102.1016
Loc: Bahia Petecalco
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 0,0 km
rest day

I have this rest day on purpose for the sake of my paddling constitution, but honestly, it is also physical stress. As I can do not much more than hanging out inside the shade of my tent as being outside in the sunshine it is unbearable, time is getting long despite a handful of household chores I need to do. I contemplate in the morning to go at least for a swim, but snorkeling here is not suitable, and the small river develops soon a distinct gray water smell like a bunch of households upstream empty their laundry water into it. Yesterday evening, I was still happy for at least a sweetwater rinse in its waters. Today, my skin rather prefers to stay dry – as much as it can be dry soaked in sweat all day. See how long I hold up without serious rashes which do not heal without some days in an air conditioned room.
My lack of Spanish is on one hand good when I like my peace, but when I am by myself, a bit of small talk with the locals is tough. So, I study the maps, edit pictures and read, as long as I think I can stress my batteries. In the afternoon, I have the choice of either a bit of a breeze through my tent or some shade, and I construct a mixture between both with my thin sleeping bag on top.
A lot of vultures crowd the gravel beach over the day, the locals come out in larger numbers to the beach by the slightly cooler evening hours or after work, though fishing boats go out and come in over the small gravel bar all day. The locals also collect continuously the obviously ‘precious’ white gravel rocks in bags, I assume they can sell them. I saw this also in other villages with gravel bars, and in an even more efficient style with much larger bags.
It is again and again amazing how they land their boats by shooting high speed on the gravel bar and then drag the rest of the way up the small river. But thank goodness here for such a calm landing corner! The speed serves here not to avoid nasty breakers like on my last beach, but is only for getting most comfortable to the ‘parking lot’ inside the river. Just a few hundred meters south, a trashy monster break rushes high up the steep shore! Further up the beach as far as I can see into the bay, the shore break looks not too bad. See how it goes tomorrow!