Mon 15/11-2021 Day 620

Pos: 17.3910,-101.1733
Loc: Punta de Pescadores
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 38,8 km
Start: 08:05 End: 15:30

There are comfortable temperatures this morning, and I feel like writing what I missed last evening. I did not like to have light in my tent, as to draw not more attention to the busy fishermen. The whole inlet water is dead quiet, but the roar of the thundering surf is echoing all over the water and gives a scary sound to an otherwise calm place with no happy tourists this morning. The exit over the lumpy river bar is a little wet, but no problem. I round the huge headland to find monster breaking surf on the other beach side. No place to land. It may change over the day, and/ or due to the invisible landscape change. In the middle of today’s section is a river mouth, and breaks around it are usually strong. It becomes less again later, but not good enough to land without frightening. Thank goodness I do not have to do open beach landings – yet.
I have a good laugh today when I play a new powerful Russian folk song – a large fish is jumping vertical heads up out of the water, and then three more smaller ones of the same kind. They look like eels, long and slim, with a red collar around the necks, like ‘tutu’ ballet skirts, and make me think of the infamous snakes coming out of their baskets to the flute songs of a magical man. Just that the largest eel fish jumps straight against my sharp plumb bow with a loud bang, and I am wondering if it did not break its spine or such on my ‘bow knife’. So sorry, it was a perfect dancing performance!
A smaller floating like dead turtle, about thirty centimeters only and not very often seen floating around here make me try to catch it to have a bit of a toy on my lap. Almost…the sudden movement of all six ends of the very alive scared creature let me let lose in a reflection. No problem baby, I already had many turtles like you ‘jumping’ on my lap and posing for pictures, but those were really dead. Go ahead and swim for your life!
Three passing by fishing boats add a bit to the distraction, one boat is anchoring and I only see a pair of feet and a hat, the guys having likely siesta. Even my loud music on my otherwise silent passing does not wake them…good catch in your sleep!
I must admit I am playing more often music now, as the shore stretches are long and are looking not too exciting, with no landing options or bays and rocks to squeeze in or behind. And it will come even worse…I am finally thinking of downloading some audio books or podcasts which I so far never liked. I need to keep my spirit up!
I am contemplating to land at a small village site I marked, between two reefs it should be relatively sheltered. But there is no single boat on the beach, and not even people. All boats are less than two kilometers down the coast parked on a well-protected land hook, but I can already recognize on the satellite picture they are hauled up the cliff and park almost vertical. Will there be a campsite for me? The two sandy bottom spots on the rocky beach look ok, but coming closer, the wash up and down also reveals a bunch of larger rocks hidden in the sand. Hmmm, I will have to jump out on calm swell in the shallows and drag and direct the heavy kayak carefully between and over those. It works well, no damage. I chose the left, larger sandy spot, but where to camp? To the right on top of the cliff, there is a roof with some sitting place and the usual altar site for the fishermen’s prayers. It will be some work to haul all gear and my kayak up there, but it is the best and only choice, and doable also for being by myself.
I even dare to have a naked freshwater shower outside my tent, just in front of the Maria altar…hoping no one drives just now to their boats. Only two cars come later, one for launching three guys in a boa going out overnight, the other people are doing repairs on their boat, not without the speakers on the car o full power, but they leave when darkness comes. Beside two cats strolling around, I am hoping I will be undisturbed this night on this special campsite!