Sat 13/11-2021 Day 618

Pos: 17.8043,-101.7472
Loc: Reef Village
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 45,8 km
Start: 07:05 End: 15:00

I pack under the supervision of some curious guys, but all friendly. My kayak glides easy off the steep gravel beach next to the small river mouth, and off I am into a calm sea and morning. I make amazingly good speed all day, wit a light side-following wind and a smooth surface. I deserve this after yesterday’s punch! My body feels rested, and I am keen to go again. I follow the surf landing options closely, with patient timing, the lull should be long enough to make it in upright. Just that here deep in the bay, many beaches are rocky, but I do not need to go in at all.
After my many turtle-couples the last days which disappeared already yesterday almost completely, I see a for me novelty today – two Manta Rays connected together in a similar purpose, floating calmly on the surface with gently flapping wings. Nice! I have only seen one flying the last days. No other animals around besides the ever-present pelicans.
Music carries me along on an amazing not too hot feeling day, even the water temperatures dropped somehow one or two degrees that it feels almost refreshing to dip the forearms in. How come? Maybe the mountains around me drop some cooler water through their rivers.
I skip the first possible landing corner as a heavy breaking corner reef makes me think I better go around and find the second landing corner option. Also, it was simply too early to land! My corner of choice is dead calm just when I am approaching – but as I have watched the rhythm of the swell, I do not trust the lull is long enough to make it in safely. The spot to land is narrow and has a rock in the middle, plus four playing with bodyboards youngsters. I do it right, just about hundred meters before the landing, the swell goes up over the protecting corner reefs and makes me wait for about ten minutes! I even have to back paddle a little and point my bow out to jump over one swell wave. Better waiting than sorry! I neither want to hit the rocks nor the youngsters. When it is finally calm, I hurry safely in, but one of the youngsters thinks it is his each and swims in my way on purpose, stupid kid. I can avoid collision, and explain to him later how dangerous this was. Heavy kayak, rocks, waves…all within my vocabulary. He nods, and is keen to help me dragging the kayak higher up.
I look around for the best shady camps pot between the fishing boats which look here not much used. I talk to a neighboring lady for polite permission, and her husband is later so nice to refill my water bags for free. Muchas gracias! The small beach restaurants look already like they are occupied with tourists from the nearby fancy condos, I am nearing Zihuatanjeo!
The youngsters keep on playing soccer on the beach and in the water, and I hurry to get y kayak out of the way and my tent up. A wonderful breeze and shade does not even let me sweat – until I have to close the bug nets when the mosquitoes arrive and the wind dies down and I am back to lying in sweat soup. Three young men occupy the next fishing boat for their coughing evening smoke and beer, and practice Mexican karaoke, I am hoping not for me…thankfully, they do not last forever.
The launch tomorrow should be easy, I just have to wait for the long lull and get around the reef break in a wide berth.