Sat 20/11-2021 Day 625

Pos: 16.8313,-99.9028
Loc: Acapulco, SDA
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 0,00 km
rest day

I wake not too well-rested, as I should have moved for the night out of my shady ‘room’ which stays too warm and does not get the light night breeze. The day passes by with online office work in the morning. When I look at my poor well-used baby, I need to give it a bit of a good treatment on the hull. I remove some surplus stickers, shave some old drips of repair-epoxy off. Why is epoxy always getting yellow over time and does not stay nicely clear? I also find some too deep scratches and shaving-offs in the additional fiberglass stripes and epoxy layers I added over the original gel coat to make the hull as stiff as possible. Time for a good sanding and adding a new layer of epoxy! When everything feels smooth under the sandpaper I mix 1:5 epoxy in a small cup and rub it in with my gloved hands. For me, the best way to do it – who needs a paintbrush? I treat the hull of my baby well, and it was high time again for it. I am only as mostly too slow and when the epoxy starts to cure, it is getting warm and my one-way-gloves melt – at least a part on my right hand. Anyway, I feel it is done, all looks shiny and smooth again, and I think I added not too much which makes ugly runners later. I just have to get rid of my sticky hands, as I am about to get some visitors!
Pável Negrete Peñaloza is driving today from Mexico City with his family just to meet me and to treat me with one of his special physiotherapeutic massages – just what the doctor ordered for my sore body! Pável, an accomplished ultramarathon racer, and open water swimmer has applied also for a slot to paddle with me here in this area but is now likely in hindsight happy we might postpone this mutual trip to an easier section of the coast. He was following my trips already since seven years, and is now keen to treat me with his unbelievable skills.
But first, they bring me some cold, self-made natural lemonade, as good as it only here in Mexico gets, plus some take-away food. The cold lemonade was my special wish as I did not have any cold drink since I left Manzanillo. So nice! I almost drink the whole jug in one go. His mon and lovely kids retreat to their hotel, and Pável starts preparing his massage ‘table’ which is not a table but a nicely padded space on the floor in a cool calm corner of my private ‘helicopter’ deck. I soon notice he is an excellent artist in his business. His style of massage is maybe best described as a mixture of physiotherapy with stretches, Chinese acupressure, and Thai massage. But what do I know…it is simply a wonderful treatment for my sore, well-used body! I am fully dressed in shorts and t-shirt, and his hands are rather getting a dash of a kind of wax to have a firm grip rather than being slippery with oil. Soft meditation music and some nice scents from his collection add to the relaxing but also sometimes a little painful session. I finally just close my eyes and enjoy his guidance with his many different stretches and pressure grips and just melt away. It feels like a dance to the soft music, and he varies his actions to the ethereal sounds. Just wonderful, and it feels endless. Night slowly falls, the full moon rises, the additional sounds of the gently splashing sea to the cliffs, and thank goodness only two or three noisy party boats passing by our cliff top. There are worse ways to spend an evening in Acapulco on this exposed, special spot!
But all good things come to an end at some point, and we talk a bit about kayaking and life. Anytime again, Pável, I am still paddling for a while in Mexico! Thank you so much for this special treat!
When you ever feel like a thoroughly very special massage treatment for your sore body, ask Pável if he can fit you in his likely packed schedule. He has many exclusive clients all over the world…!