Tue 16/11-2021 Day 621

Pos: 17.3910,-101.1733
Loc: Punta de Pescadores
Acc: Hilleberg Allak 2 tent
Dist: 0,0 km
rest day

I talked to my friendly host Mario in Acapulco on the phone yesterday evening, and we agreed it is a better idea to arrive in this hub not on the weekend, especially as he owns the “Swiss Divers Association” and is extremely busy on weekends. Initially, I like to be there as soon as possible, but when I look at the long-term swell and sea forecast, it is thankfully going down well under a meter by Friday – as far as one can see. I always felt more comfortable with potential open beach landings when it is under a meter, and I have to do two or better three of them to reach Acapulco, and then after an endless amount…So I have another rest day today, camping thankfully under a shady roof.
I knew the sea would be going down by mid-November, and likely stays for the winter like that, I basically started a bit too early. The first days, it was 1,80 m, until Thursday it will stay around halfway doable 1,10 m, and then it will be all right – hopefully. Still, a long open beach stretch shows not always the same surf on all sections and on all parts of the day, so being attentive when in need of a safe landing is the crux. In general, I am happy to be by myself, as I remember I had once a paddling partner who simply refused to do a surf-landing out of fear and brought us in some serious close-shave situations. Also, paddling an endless open unbroken coast is not every ones business. I cannot say I find it extremely entertaining, but better a boring day on the water than a boring day at the office?
When I might be able to land soon during the days, things might get more exciting. If not – I entertain myself with paddling to music, have occasional calls and now downloaded first time audio-books and podcasts. Not sure if I like the latter, as I usually hate endless bla bla bla before someone comes to the point. The same reason why I do not like to watch movies. Yes, this paddling section is a bit of a challenge, nothing for everyone. But I still LOVE it, love to see the distances getting shorter, the numbers counting down, love to watch the landscape passing by, and by myself I have my peace and no responsibility to look after another person. But if you have limited paddling time and are not aiming to circle some islands, you better pick the icing from the cake of choice where to paddle, and this might be somewhere else than on a straight coastline with no options to land during the day. Mental strength to keep on going is required.
I will reach the last safe landing before the open beach stretch tomorrow, and then we will see how it goes! If I have doubts to land, I will paddle all 140 km in one go…unlikely, but not that I have not done one or two of those long overnight paddles…