Mon 09/07-2018 Day 251

Pos: 54.8651,-163.4104
Loc: False Pass
Acc: Trident Seafood bunk

no paddling today

Feeling like a racehorse today…trapped in the starting box…forecast was 20-30 kn with seas up to 3+ m – outside possibly correct – inside the False Pass it was looking and feeling dead calm…but tomorrow, Tuesday, seas start with 3 m, going down to 2,2 m the afternoon. Not really sure if we already would have liked to paddle that on an unknown, unprotected coast. So we stayed put, and will paddle tomorrow up to the exit, stick our heads out, and turn around the corner – or we will stay inside for 10 km and haul over in the far east corner. Not sure yet.

At least we will leave False Pass tomorrow! It has done good to us, we are dry, safe, clean, well fed and rested, all with the friendly hospitality of Trident Seafood with Dean Fasnacht forwarded from Clyde Pedersen from Trident Seafood in Chignik. And yes, one can eat salmon for lunch AND dinner – daily… LOL!

Still we felt we needed to do something “adventurous” today, and followed first a narrow dirt road up to two huge water tanks on a hill overlooking the village, armed with bear spray, rain gear and XTRA TUFS. I found an narrow wheel track for quad bikes leading further up the mountain, well used, but not recently, and slightly overgrown. Perfect bear territory…some shit piles, scratch marks…

I was in the lead to follow the path, talking loudly nonsense as usual to let the bears know we are coming, bear spray ready. Michal, sightly reluctant, followed closeup, but also felt excited where the path will lead us to – up and up the mountain, showing eventually better and best views of the whole bay. We walked slowly, made noise, stopped, looked, scanned the bushy area, no furry guys to be seen besides plenty of mice. Still exciting…but they don’t sit and lurk in the brush, waiting for you to approach and then attack you…and the yummy berry bushes everywhere were (unfortunately?) not ripe yet. But as some strong wind came down the mountain and blew along our path, our direction of approach was not really ideal to warn them from us in time, though I did my best to be noisy…

At some high ridge after maybe half an hour uphill, we felt we had enough, and probably most 4-wheeler also, as the track became quite hard to see and to follow. Enough high marking! Down we went, this time Michal in the lead. All good, and we had our small adventure for the day!

Leaving False Pass tomorrow!!!